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  • Goals Of Becoming A Nurse

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    Becoming a nurse has always been an aspiration of mine, I’ve always wanted a job that uses my caring nature and becoming a nurse seems like the perfect fit. Any job can be rewarding but working in the medical field where you can help save lives, make differences and be supportive at a person’s time of need is at the top of my list when I think of a rewarding career. I am choosing this course because I love learning new things and with a nursing career no day will be the same as the day before, so

  • My Goal Of Becoming A Registered Nurse

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    provides me the opportunity to help all people regardless of age, sex or ethnicity. I seek a Nursing degree here in the United States in order to increase my knowledge and to be able to practice in the field of professional nursing. My goal of becoming a Registered Nurse has long been encouraged by my personal interest in the profession and by my experience, previous education and achievements. These factors continue to motivate and inspire my desire to seek this degree and become a healthcare professional

  • Personal Statement : My Nursing Goals

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    My Nursing Goals Introduction In the near future, I will graduate with my Bachelors of Science in Nursing degree from East Carolina University. Guiding my ultimate nursing goals is my love for children. As a mother already, I have learned and immensely enjoyed my journey with my six-year-old child thus far. However, I would love to expand my knowledge on the unique needs of the pediatric patient population. The pediatric patient population is very diverse, due to the various stages of life within

  • Grand Theorist

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    Application of Grand Theory to Nursing Practice In today’s world there are many nursing theories and theorists that not only define the nursing profession, but also are used as the basis to guide a nurse in his or her current practice. Meleis defines nursing theory “as a conceptualization of some aspect of nursing reality communicated for the purpose of describing phenomena, explaining relationships between phenomena, predicting consequences or prescribing nursing care. Nursing theories

  • The's Human Becoming Theory

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    Parse’s and Pender’s theories is to promote quality of care and life by allowing the patient to drive their care decisions. In this paper, these theories will be explored and applied to clinical situations. Parse’s Human Becoming Theory Assumptions and Principles Parse’s Human becoming theory was founded upon the principles and concepts of Rogers’ theory, and is based on nine assumptions and three main principles. The assumptions include: 1. Humans are coexistent while co-constituting rhythmical patterns

  • The Human Becoming Theory Guides Nurses

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    The Human Becoming Theory guides nurses in their practice to focus more on the quality of life. Rosemarie Rizzo Parse was the famous nursing theorist who came up with the theory as it stems from her values and believes. Rosemarie Rizzo Parse was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but grew up in Castle Shannon with her close and supportive family. Her mother was a homemaker and was a member of the local church. Her father worked as a lamplighter, until he became a manager of Castle Shannon. Parse also

  • Pediatric Nurse Research Paper

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    Pediatric Nursing A pediatric nurse according to the Every Nurse website, is a nursing professional that work in the pediatric medicine field. This type of nurses typically help provide medical care for infants, children, and adolescents. Pediatric nurses are expected to be cheerful and friendly, and also be able to properly communicate with both the kids and their parents. Pediatric nurses should possess a high level of patience, and mentally and physically prepared for any circumstances that

  • Concept Comparison and Analysis Across Theories

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    Vaughn Ph.D. R.N. CCRN A concept is a term that theoretically describes and names a fact or phenomenon, thus providing it with a separate identity or meaning. Nurses use theories to clarify the events through nursing practice. A concept analysis provides insight to nursing knowledge and understanding of the concepts allows nurses to determine nursing actions (George, 2011). Quality of Life Quality of life (QOL) is a contemporary phrase which was first heard after the Second World War and,

  • Reflection Paper On Being A Nurse

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    As a registered nurse on my floor I love providing care to my patients but sometimes it can become difficult to not be able to make clinical decisions for them. One day while performing my morning assessments on my patient I realized his right elbow was swollen. I compared it to his left elbow and my inner-self told me that this wasn’t normal. I paged the attending MD and made him aware of the situation and I recommended he order an Ultrasound of the right elbow just to be safe. He denied and said

  • Personal And Professional Accountability And Opportunities For Advancement

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    technology. As such, the nursing profession requires nurses to not only stay up to date about latest practices but also advance themselves. One way that nurses stay current is by continuing to pursue advance degrees and certificates through education and taking on higher positions in their profession. Finally, nurses must be accountable for their actions both personally and personally in order to protect their patient’s privacy and health. For example, if a nurse makes a medication error and reports it there