God the Father in Western art

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  • A Story About A Man

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    like most people it was a part of him that wonted to live for God and then a part that did not. See two of his brothers that became Christians were called to the missionaries’ field. One of his brothers lived in African with no electricity or running water. But one thing that he realize in order to do the calling of God you must be open. God cannot use someone that is not open to what he has planned for you. No one knows what the call of God is in his or her life. You must have faith and go out and do

  • Essay on The Holy Trinity, by Masaccio

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    creating the illusion of depth. This painting addresses many religious concepts by setting up different levels and layers in the constructed space. The characters depicted are made up of four groups of human figures, which include the Trinity (God the father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit), the Virgin Mary and Saint John, a pair of donors, and a skeleton on a tomb at the bottom of the picture. There is an apparent point of separation, which is made clear due to each group being on separate levels. Their

  • Paco 500 Journal

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    approach pastors, therefore, with different expectations than those with other helping professionals.” (Benner, 33) Reflection: This quote reminds me that having the position of a pastor gives one great responsibility both before man and God as a representative of God to people. Additionally, whether “fair” or not, people hold pastors to a higher standard because of

  • The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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    promised, so they look to live each day to the fullest. Alcohol, sex, and parties give this generation complete fulfillment. The figure of God seems to have escaped the minds of this generation; however, God is a lot closer than they think. In Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby most readers are lead to believe that Owl eyes is a representation of only a God figure; however, Owl eyes is much a much more complex figure. Critics believe that Owl eyes could represent Fitzgerald’s friend Lardner. In

  • Hope Your Wife Had A Wonderful Birthday

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    Allen, Hope your wife had a wonderful birthday! I know she is a gift to you. Saturday, I ended up meeting with a women from a missions organization who is looking for someone to join their staff development and care team. I had been approached by this same team before but they were going through a big transition and withdrew from the conversation. This lady is part of the new leadership and was talking to a professor out at Biola and my name came up. She tracked me down and since she is only

  • John Milton's Paradise Lost

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    John Milton’s famous poem Paradise Lost has influenced society throughout the ages on a number of topics ranging from the fall of Satan to the marriage roles that Adam and Eve teach us. One idea stands alone though more so than that of any other topic that Milton writes about and that is the idea of a Satanic Trinity. The Satanic Trinity shows how the evil of Hell spread to Earth and how it tempts us in our everyday life. Milton writes about the Satanic Trinity because he believes that one must understand

  • Review Of Andrey Rublyov And The Trinity With The Virgin

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    Art works has played an important role throughout history. Every art work reflects on something. Some reflect on culture, some on society, some arts reflect on religions and believes while some reflects on science. For centuries people believed that the early 14th century art works only reflected on history and religious believes. However, modern science is breaking that stigma and proving the old arts works were a lot more than what people thought they were. They involve a lot more science and math

  • Reflection Of Western Art

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    studied and talked about Paleolithic Art, Greek Art, Roman Art, Byzantine Art, and Islamic Art in our history class by reading Janson’s History of Art. Even though I have no background or contexts of knowledge of these western art, I still learned a lot from western art. According to the reading material and video, I have a probably understanding about these distinct, different and interesting western art. To be honest, I learn and know little about these western art when I was in high school, however

  • Greek Impact On Western Civilization Essay

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    contributed many things to western civilization such as philosophy, math/science, Government, and arts. This material had been brought to western civilization by Socrates, Aristotle, Pericles, Hippocrates, Euclid, and Sophocles. Philosophy contributed to western civilization by the philosopher Socrates and Aristotle. Socrates’ quote “the unexamined life is not worth living” was adopted to western civilization meaning that you should always reevaluate yourself. This made an impact on western civilization because

  • How Did Ancient Greece Influence Western Civilization

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    Greeks advances in these subjects, influenced and contributed to the Western civilization. The Western civilization’s culture and outlook on life was shaped by ancient Greek. Many things the ancient Greeks created were the basis for what we use today, including, architecture, art, dramas, math, science, and philosophy. The ancient Greeks have made many contributions to Western civilization in the areas of architecture, art, and dramas. For example the ancient Greeks believed delicate curves