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  • Reflection Paper

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    beliefs. I personally am Catholic, so we believe in some things that other people do not. Since I am Catholic we believe in having Godparents; it is almost like having a second set of parents, but they do not live under the same roof. Having Godparents is like having backup parents. If your parents pass away the Godparents would raise you and take care of you. Godparents are the ones who are supposed to help children understand things about God and their religion. They also make sure children are going

  • Essay

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    “Alyssa!” I stopped swinging my machete at the patch of grass and I raised my head in the direction of the voice that had called my name. Sweat beads rolled down the side of my temple, and I raised my hat with my garden gloved hand to wipe them away. The sun beat down on my bare neck, and I could feel the heat pulsating from directly above. “Alyssa!” I heard again. This time I stuck my machete in a dirt pile and began to climb over the mounds of farmland to try and find the owner to which the voice

  • The Fairy God Father By Jose Francis Edgar Chopo

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    The Fairy God Father I want to show people that we could be whatever we want. I am sick of getting pushed around by The Fairy Academy. Men should be able to be a fairy godparent. I’m going to show The Fairy Academy that men could do it, too. So, I thought for hours, day and night for months thought, and I finally came up with the master plan. This plan will require a skill set of mask making, a lot of shopping, an application with a fake name, and a wig. How hard could this be? Then I remembered

  • A Short Story : A Story Of Ella's Story

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    Throughout my many years of life, I had served as the fairy godmother to dozens of children, but it was rare to see a child cry so hard in my arms. Though, Ella wasn't a child anymore. She had grown into a Lady, just as all my godchildren had. A Lady who had received a proposal from a prince, and broke his heart and her own just to keep him safe. "It'll be alright, Lady. It'll all turn out fine in the end," I whispered into her hair, wanting to comfort her. It was my duty to comfort my godchild any

  • Cinderella Bergeron Or Growing Up

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    I had just finished watching Disney’s production of Cinderella. “Are you serious?” I shouted at my flat screen in frustration. “This is wrong! So wrong. Where do they even come up with these?!” I could feel my blood boiling after watching what I saw as a horror film. “Cinderella, did you watch this?” I asked. “Yea, I thought I looked pretty good in it,” she said. “You imbecile-I mean my dearly beloved sister, I wasn’t talking about that! Wouldn’t it be horrible if people actually believed this

  • Summary : Maleficent And The Death Of Aurora

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    “Maleficent” Two Orphan kids meet at the most unfortunate momenta. A fairy named Maleficent and a boy named Stefan lived in a world that hatred existed amongst fairies and humans, but despite that hatred, they grow up to be more than friends but as the years went by they grew apart. Maleficent becomes the protector of the Moors and Stephan a peasant under King Henry. As the King was nearing death, he promised his men whom ever is brave enough to kill Maleficent will become successor of his throne

  • The Hidden Messages Of Cinderella

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    What people see is not necessarily all they get; there are more significant aspects that encompass what people use, hear, or see, besides the obvious messages employed throughout popular culture. It is not uncommon to find hidden messages within our culture today, especially in the context of movies. One movie in particular, the newest Cinderella, is full of these hidden messages. Besides the common message that is employed throughout Cinderella over and over again, the message to “have courage and

  • Short Story : My Fairy Godmother

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    My Fairy Godmother - Life is a paradox and I have come to embrace this because I have seen how both the good, awesome, exciting things in life are also accompanied by the sad, hurtful, embarrassing, painful things of life. Growing up, I thrived on fairy tales as an escape, hoping for an idealistic happy ending to a childhood of abuse and neglect. Cinderella was my favorite protagonist because I identified with her. She, just like me, went through rejection and was treated poorly. I tried to emulate

  • Reflection On Liberty Godparent Home

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    Written Reflection: Family Life Services and Liberty Godparent Home As a student in the Social Work Field Exploration Course, I had the privilege to encounter an array of practice settings and glean wisdom from many social work professionals. Throughout these visits, one practice setting in particular peeked my interest: The Liberty Godparent Home (LGH) and Family Life Services (FLS). Though two distinct ministries, they work in tandem to facilitate the wellbeing of young mothers and adoption

  • Describe What Your Source Material Say About The Family As A Social Institution?

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    Exam 1 1. Select a country outside of the United States and (a) describe what your source material say about the family as a social institution; what does the family provide for individuals and for the society. (b) What do your source materials say about the family as a social institution in the United States? (c) What is similar? What is different between the two countries? (25 points) The country selected outside of the United States is the Philippines. Family as a social institution in the Philippines