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  • Essay About The Family

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    The Soka Gakai International building was small and intimate. While it was not extravagantly decorated like most religious buildings it maintained one that was inviting and allowed someone to let their guard down. Once we arrived and heading into the main sanctuary, we were immediately welcomed and asked if we had attended before. Being our first time this was the first instance of family congregation began. Each side of El Paso has been divided into districts. They gave me our district and some

  • Four Corners Of The Gohonzon

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    The Four Corners of the Gohonzon With no particular reason I shall start my exploratory journey of the Gohonzon from its four corners. Indeed, the structural soundness of any edifice rests on its corner stone(s) does it not? The Four Heavenly Kings (四大天王) occupy the four corners of the Gohonzon. Hindu tradition has portayed that they lived in the mid-slopes of Mount Sumeru in four different directions guarding the Buddha whilst the latter meditated against possible interference from evil forces

  • Nichiren Buddhism Is A Mahayana Sect Of Buddhism

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    published works that contained information about the Louts Sutra, its teachings, and how an individual can achieve karma (40). Nichiren spent three years on an island in exile before retreating to mountainous terrain where he spent creating the Dai-Gohonzon, an inscription on a wooden board, for worship and writing to his followers and disciples. Nichiren Shoshu passed away in the year 1282, but his teachings did not die with him; Nichiren’s disciples passed on the “cutting edge” teachings for almost

  • Nichiren Diashonin's Buddhism

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    Faith 24x7 Section – 1 Introduction Happiness in not a life without problems, but rather the strength to overcome the problems that come our way. There is no such thing as a problem-free life; difficulties are unavoidable. The manner in which we experience and react to our problems depends on us. Buddhism teaches that we are each responsible for our own happiness or unhappiness. Our vitality – the amount of energy or “life-force” we have – is in fact the single most important factor in determining

  • Analysis Of The Sgi-USA Chicago Buddhist Center

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    One of the most interesting sacred religious spaces I have attended was the SGI-USA Chicago Buddhist Center. The center is a very large brick building with lots of windows; it has multiple rooms for meetings, offices, classes and most important chanting and prayer. The main gathering place is an auditorium; a very large Butsudan rests on the back wall of the auditorium stage. The auditorium is spacious and has extremely high ceilings and the walls are bare. I imagine that at least 300 people

  • My Life Transforming Philosophy For Last 10 Years

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    week only. During his stay he came to know about a house just next to my friend’s house was on sale. He visited there and booked it with some initial payment. So I must say benefit was moving ahead of me. My heart filled with appreciation to the gohonzon. I express immense gratitude to my friend and her family for all support and initial guidance with whom

  • Muromachi Period

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    Many Interesting Japanese Pieces from the Muromachi Period through the Edo Period. Winston Churchill once said, “Without tradition, art is a flock of sheep without a shepherd. Without innovation, it is a corpse” (“Bons Mots: Famous Quotes of Winston Churchill,” 1). The Japanese art pieces from the Muromachi, the Momoyama and the Tokugawa period each incorporate/represent Buddhist beliefs and traditions as well as diversity. Each of the time periods introduced a unique piece starting with the Muromachi

  • Essay on Buddhism

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    Buddhism Many people interpret Buddha as a big fat guy, that will give you luck if you rub his belly. This may be true, but Buddhism is much bigger than that. Buddhism began in Himalaya region and has been around since the first century. In Buddhism, the nature of God is a man named Shakyamuni Buddha. In this paper, we are going to look a little more into Buddhism. We will review responses from an actual Buddhism worshipper. We will also compare Buddhism to other religions. Although the Buddha