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  • Happy Prince Personality

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    TERM PAPER ON “THE HAPPY PRINCE BY OSCAR WILDE” ARUN KUMAR #2011EE20510 INTRODUCTION: The Happy Prince is an amazing short story by Oscar Wilde who is famous for Aesthetics movement. Aestheticism was a cultural phenomenon popular in the middle of the 19th century. Its basic theory was "art for art’s sake ". Aestheticism placed art above life and held that life should imitate art, not art imitate life. The story criticizes badly the people who have

  • Literary Analysis Of Robert Frost's Nothing Gold Can Stay

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    The title of the poem is Nothing Gold Can Stay. It conveys multiple meanings. Such as Spring, or children growing up, or the world is going to end. There is no repeating words in the poem, however Robert Frost does use an AA BB AA BB pattern for his rhymes. In the poem, a few months pass. It talks about the birth of spring and the ending of it. But if you look at it from the children growing up perspective, then around 18 years pass. However if you look at Nothing Gold Can Stay as a poem about the end

  • Essay about The Road Not Taken, and Nothing Gold Can Stay

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    Robert Frost was one of America's greatest poets. From 1874 - 1963 he has written many famous poems including "Nothing Gold can stay" and "The Road not taken" which I will be writing about. He lived in San Francisco and sadly died in Boston in 1963. He moved to Massachusetts when he was eleven and went to the local high school. He then continues to go to Dartmouth College. The Road Not Taken is a poem about decisions in life and how each one leads onto another road, spreading into a vast

  • Reaction Paper On Punarnava

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    Punarnava (Boerhaavia diffusa L.) is a promising drug to rejuvenate new cells in body. It is well known in Ayurvedic medicine and locally called Tambadivasu. Superficially it is similar to other species of Boerhaavia and species of Trianthema and Sesuvium. Due to the minute morphological differences, above plants are erroneously used in medicine as Punarnava, and at times on purpose as an adulterant. Therefore, it is necessary to highlight the anatomical features of Punarnava for proper identification

  • Themes In The Gilded Six Bits

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    All That Glitters isn’t Gold The word gild is most often defined as covered thinly with gold, be that it may, a lesser known definition is to give an attractive but often deceptive appearance. Zora Neale Hurston uses many references to both these meanings in “The Gilded Six Bits.” Hurston was a modernism author during the early 20th century. She uses several themes relative to Modernism, including the idea of collectivism versus individualism and alienation, but particularly decadence. The numerous

  • Disadvantages Of Bitter Gourd

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    to 5 metre long. The plant usually grows on trellis 180 cm in height and has a hairy stem with numerous branches and dense foliage. The main varieties of bitter gourd grown in India are Arka Harit, Priyanka, Pusa Do Mausmi, VK-1-Priya, Phule Green Gold, Priya, Preethi, Coimbatore Long, Phule Ujawala, Phule Priyanka and Pride of Gujarat. Priyanka is the widely cultivated variety in South Kerala (Balachandran, 2011). The average fruit yield varies from 8 to 10 t / ha (Baby joseph et al, 2013) and (Lee

  • The Bracelet: A Family Heirloom

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    Older than anyone I know and made of a somewhat soft, orange gold. That’s the first thing that comes to mind when I think about my little bracelet. It’s delicate but awkwardly large, with an unnatural predetermined shape to it. It’s an important thing not only because it’s old and a family heirloom, but also because it was something entrusted to me by my mom. A dingy, old, broken gold bracelet. That’s what anyone else would see if they saw this poor thing. Permanently open, it’s basically useless

  • Analysis Of ' The Pearls On A String '

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    Out of all the amazing things I saw in the Pearls on a String, the one that I found the most interesting was Akbar and ‘Abd al-Rahim, from the Akabarmana (Book of Akabr, 1586-1589). It is amazing to see how many different scenes can all occur in one piece. Overall, The Book of Akbar had multiple outstanding pieces but the emotion in this particular page is what caught my attention. Although I did not study the other pages as intensely as this one, it is clear to see that Abul Fazlt’s technique is

  • Essay on Decomposition and Recycling in Aquatic Ecosystems

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    Introduction Biogeochemical cycles are important to the sustainability of all life. Chemical elements necessary for the growth and reproduction of all organisms have a limited quantity on earth at any one time, other than the occasional meteor that brings with it new matter. It is therefore important that the recycling of these chemical elements is efficient. Autotrophs are the basis of almost all ecosystems. The rate that autotrophs produce and transfer energy is vital to the capacity of organisms

  • Essay on A Day in the Forest

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    A Day in the Forest It was a calm, overcast day, and I found myself resting at the side of a large oak tree, admiring the beauty of the woods that surrounded me. The sunless sky covered the woods over the treetops which created a canopy over my head. The crimson and auburn foliage was a magnificent sight, as this was the season known as Fall. There was a gentle breeze, creating the single sound of rustling leaves. The leaves appeared as though they were dying to fall out of the