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  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorders: A Case Study

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    disorder and has higher rates than schizophrenia, no two people ever have the same symptoms due to the fact everyone is different (Thomas 79). Despite the fact that people already had OCD, it truly became famous because of Leonardo Dicaprio. Being an actor and having OCD, brought about attention to the disorder. He had full control over his OCD until he shot the movie Aviator

  • Stars By Richard Dyer Summary And Analysis

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    Stars are the faces we see and admire on television. We as a society see stars and immediately want to experience what they experience and we want to understand them. We see stars as superficial beings. We see the roles they play in movies and television and only the major things that producers want us to see. Richard Dyer, film critic and author of “Stars” asserts that stars are constructed to an audience so they can relate to them and easily identify with them.We connect to the star based on a

  • The Fox ( Inaudible Noises )

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    The Fox (inaudible noises) ".... what does that mean?” I said. "It 's a code, use it where ever it should be used,”said a mysterious man. "So, you 're not going to tell me where?” I Asked "You 'll know when the time is right,” said the mysterious man "Like that helps,” I said sarcastically. I wake up, while it 's still the middle of the night, the fountain is still flowing, a few lights are still on and all the guards have gone to bed, I jump out the window because something

  • The Diverse Roles of Women in Movies Essay

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    The Diverse Roles of Women in Movies In society we have a lot of women actresses. Some tend to play the motherly type, some play the manipulator type and some even play the victims of abusive relationships. No matter what women seem to be coming up in the industry of movies in more ways than before. The three movies I have chosen to analyze in my critique are Heartbreakers, Baby Boy and Stepmom. These three movies all have women in them that either play a major role or the main role. All

  • Tom Cruise Mapother Essay

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    as Tom Cruise, is an American actor and producer. He has been nominated for three Academy Awards and has won three Golden Globe Awards. He started his career at age 19 in the film Endless Love (1981). After portraying supporting roles in Taps (1981) and The Outsiders (1983), his first leading role was in the romantic comedy Risky Business, released in August 1983. Cruise became a full-fledged movie star after starring as Pete "Maverick" Mitchell in the action drama Top Gun (1986). One of the biggest

  • Essay On Scarface

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    succumbing to greed. It was a crime and drama movie directed and produce by Briana De Palma and Oliver Stone. 1984 Scarface was nominated at the Golden Globe as the best performance by and actor in a motion-picture drama, best performance by an actor in a supporting role in a motion picture and best original score. Also, it was nominated at the Golden Reel Award as the best sounding editing-sounds effect. In the same year Scarface, was nominated on the Razzie Award as the worst director, Briana De Palma

  • Leonardo Dicaprio Research Paper

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    Leonardo DiCaprio By Delaney Champion Leonardo DiCaprio is a famous actor and film producer. He starting acting at a young age, beginning with commercials and television shows, and eventually getting into the film business. He has been very successful and has been nominated and won many awards. DiCaprio’s career continues to flourish. Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio was born November 11, 1974 in Hollywood, California. DiCaprio’s middle name, “Wilhelm,” comes from his grandfather. He is 6 feet tall

  • John Wayne as an American Icon Essay

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    Wayne as an American Icon Marion Morrison, also known as John Wayne, is perhaps one of the most popular movie personalities ever. He began as a mere stagehand, but by the end of his career he had developed himself as a very successful actor, producer, and director. Marion Michael Morrison was born on May 26, 1907, in Winterest, Iowa. His father, Clyde, worked as a pharmacist, and John Wayne thought of his father as the “kindest, most patient man I ever knew.” Later on in life, John

  • Research Paper on the Fine Arts (Film): Shakespeare in Love

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    forms. Five main forms of fine arts include sculpture, architecture, music, painting and poetry. In modern times, fine art has encompassed several other forms such as photography, printmaking, and film. Fine arts in terms of film often refer to motion pictures, and the concept of film as a type of fine art form. The process of producing films can be done by the recording of images with cameras, or by constructing images using different animation techniques or different special effects. One of the reasons

  • Martin Scorsese's Film, Taxi Driver Essay

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    taxi-driver at night; many of his customers represent the people from the lowest class of society: prostitutes, adulterous husbands and wenchers. Since Travis has promised the cab company that he will drive anywhere, at anytime, his likelihood of seeing the best of human nature is fairly slim. So, he tries to create an extra-occupational life for himself. He befriends Betsy, a beautiful girl working at a Senator's campaign office. Unluckily, with on possession of the slightest amount of social skills, Travis