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  • Genetically Modified Foods : The Golden Rice

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    modified). The organism that I have chosen, is called the Golden Rice. In the year of 2000, the first genetically modified rice was successively introduced into the world by two scientists, Ingo Potrykus of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and Peter Beyer of the University of Freiburg. The original name of the Golden Rice was called SGR1. The Golden Rice is genetically modified so that vitamin A is in every grain of Golden Rice. Although the rice plant can naturally make the beta-carotene, a precursor

  • The Development And Production Of Golden Rice

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    desired gene. Transgenesis occurs mainly because of human manipulation with the purpose of improving animals and plants, modifying crops and also using these organisms as bio-factories for human gain/ benefit. The development and production of Golden Rice is a good example of transgenesis and the method of Agrobacterium which was found due to the work of two European scientific who discovered the addition of foreign genes of daffodil plant and soil bacterial would produce provitamin- A as a way to

  • Pros And Cons Of Golden Rice

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    How Strong is the Case for Golden Rice? (Pros and Cons of Golden Rice) "Golden Rice" has been developed by scientists to combat vitamin A deficiency, which affects millions of children in the developing worlds. However, as a precautionary means, the crop was offered to the authorities for a safety evaluation which was interrupted when a group of around 400 protestors attacked the field trial in the Bicol region and uprooted all the GM plants. The project, initially started 20 years ago by German

  • Golden Rice : Pro, Pros And Cons Of Golden Food

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    cons of creation in any zone of life. Especially with Golden Rice, there are numerous nations that appear to be supporters of the Golden Rice. With biogenetic building of rice, there is an expansion underway, financial incitement, and in addition, a reduction in starvation and increment of beta-carotene. Many research has been conducted and debated on as to whether Golden Rice increases the sufficient effects of human nutrition. To begin, Golden Rice provides beta-carotene to individuals that are vitamin

  • Genetically Modified Organisms Persuasive Essay

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    GMO’s, or Genetically Modified Organisms, have recently in the past years become more noticed by the public as they’ve begun to show up in many of our foods and are becoming more and more controversial. A genetically modified organism is an organism that has had genes from the DNA extracted from another organism and have been artificially placed into its genes. It is used to give desirable traits to an organism and to make it easier for the people using it to make profit. There’s been much debate

  • Genetically Modified Organisms And Its Effects On The World 's Growing Population

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    As an added benefit to the environment, genetically modified organisms also address the widespread problem of soil erosion. The quality of topsoil used in agriculture is quickly degrading and it is estimated that there may only be 60 more years of usable topsoil remaining (What if the World 's Soil Runs Out?). Topsoil is important because it supplies water and nutrients to plants, while giving microbes the carbon they need (What if the World 's Soil Runs Out?). Degraded soil results in lower crop

  • Genetically Modified Foods Harmful

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    on Earth consume one bowl of white rice every day, but white rice cannot provide enough amount of Vitamin A. The scientists at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Institute for Plant Sciences have produced “golden” rice which comprises a high amount of beta-carotene (the orange-color pigment and precursor of Vitamin A). The scientists worked more than 10 years on creating “golden” rice (Verna 6). Unfortunately, as Deborah B. Whitman points out in her article “Genetically Modified Foods: Harmful

  • Is Gmo Good Or Bad

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    People have been genetically modifying food for centuries. Humanity has used selective breeding to utilize desired traits in farm animals and crops for so long that they are now different species from their wild variants. However, scientists have been using a new process for giving organisms desired traits called genetic engineering, which is the process of directly transferring genes from one organism to the next. This process can be used between any two living things, no matter how different they

  • Argument On Gmo

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    heard about GM Crops I thought that no good could from it, and we should not start using them in order to produce food. After reading Joshua Colt article I can see the good that can from using GM Corps. Using GM Crops allowed for the creation of golden rice that has health benefits that can help better the lives of people. At the beginning of the essay the author Joshua Colt on page 622 in our text book says this which I believe to be the main put of the article “ In this article, I hope to provide

  • Food Controversy

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    Food Controversy In the food industry there have been many issues and processes that have brought a large amount of question to the industry overall, like the meat packing process in its early stages. I can 't think of a more heated issue in the last few passing years then the controversy over Genetically modified organisms in the food industry. Some countries are for it some are against it. Many sides will argue that genetically mutated organisms (GMO) are bad for the food industry while others