Good Grades Essay

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  • Paying Students For Good Grades

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    students have low grades and other issues. One of those issues is that they don’t have enough motivation to learn and do their work. Their attendance is poor, they miss a great portion and that doesn’t allow them to learn what needs to be learned. Some schools have a low ranking and a low percentage of student success. In order to fix the issue, some schools have created a program called money for grades. The program is about the school paying their students for earning excellent grades. However, paying

  • Should Students Get Paid For Good Grades?

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    Should Students Get Paid for Good Grades? By: Hannah Erb, Jacob Cochran, Kayla Webster, and Adam Bundy Many kids are out of focus and bored when they learn something new, that could cause them to get bad grades or even punished. If students got paid for good grades and good behaviour, they may try harder in school. This could even cause less students being punished, students can focus more, and teachers wouldn’t have to worry about students not doing their work. Punishment

  • Good Grades Essay

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    Good Grades Essay Adults are usually getting money when they do their jobs, but what about children? Children get good grades, but they don’t get any money for doing it. Some people think that giving children money for good grades would help them in the future except it might not help them as much.Paying for good grades is a bad idea because students forget what they learned, parents start to worry, and school might need the money. Because of this some schools don’t bother having to pay students

  • Good Mental Health Or Good Grades?

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    Good Mental Health or Good Grades? Eighty percent of high school students have a part time job. High school students are encouraged to be active in all sorts of things, such as sports, work, social life, and also have schoolwork. This is why most high school students struggle finding balance. Overwhelmed high school students have trouble balancing it all, but there are many methods to help solve this though, such as a schedule, asking someone with experience, or even finding tips that best fit you

  • Benefits Of Cash For Good Grades

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    Over decades now, cash has been used as an incentive for good grades. This deed may seem unjust, but has worked its way up until the twenty-first century. These acts should come to a complete stop because, education in America has not been as crucial as in other countries. Harvard study shows that almost all minority children who have been suspended before, did better when they were given incentives, even though the sample only ranged from five-hundred kids. Some of the students do not have the desire

  • The Importance Of Making Good Grades

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    Do you think making good grades is something that everyone should do? Making good grades in school is a good thing because in order to go to college when you get older you have to make good grades in school. Students sometimes say making good grades is hard, but as long as you pay attention in class and study you will be sure to make good grades. Students all ways make an excuse for not making a good grade, but what they don't know is there are no excuses for making bad grades. Your teacher gives

  • Pressure to Get Good Grades

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    that students receive by parents, school, and society to succeed, has caused students to take some drastic actions. Many students are pressured by their parents to excel in school. Although many parents think that pressuring their kids to get good grades may be helpful, in reality, it can become overbearing. In the case of many students they are already balancing out school, work and extracurricular activities. Pressure on the part of the parents may only stress them out more than what they already

  • Get Good Grade Essay

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    childhood, children get a candy for their good behavior. In school, student get good grade for their hard work. In society, adults get paid with money for work. People like the feeling of getting reward after their hard work. Some kids was told by their parents to get a good grade for money. The parents believe cash incentive will motivate their kid to study hard and get better grade. However, in my opinion kid shouldn’t get money as their reward of getting good grade. I understand parents have high hopes

  • Should We Be A Good Grade?

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    From the time we can talk we’re taught the difference between right and wrong, good and bad. We are taught that lying is wrong, while listening to our parents is right. We are taught that by doing what is right we are deemed good, but if caught doing something wrong, we are then considered bad. As we grow older however, the black and white of wrong and right becomes more and more grey, and harder to depict between. Is this wrong if the outcome benefits so many? How can I be doing the right thing

  • Get Paid For Good Grades

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    paid for good grades? A lot of people wish that they got paid for good grades. Students should be paid to get good grades because kids will try harder to get better grades, kids will get more money, and they will look forward to coming to school. Students should be paid for good grades for a variety of reasons. Kids will try harder to get better grades. They will want to try harder on their school work because they know they can earn money for it. Doing this will lead to better grades throughout