Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word Album

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  • Maya Angelou : An Amazing Woman

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    Maya Angelou “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”(Angelou 1). Maya Angelou was an amazing woman. Although she had a difficult childhood, she grew up to be and outstanding woman. She was the first Black woman to do many things, including the first black woman director in Hollywood. Angelou was born in “St. Louis, Missouri, on April 4, 1928” (Angelou 1). Her given name was “Marguerite Annie Johnson”

  • George Trump And Martin Luther King Jr. Essay

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    Politicians and government institutions have been around for over thousands of years. Such organizations and public figures hold tremendous value to society and the individuals within those societies, usually exercising great influence in how local, state and federal government conduct business. Their role as political figures in a democracy is to represent the mass public in different issues, and in order to conveyconvince? their audience to support a particular matter they use various tools such

  • Martin Luther King Speech Analysis

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    automatically thinking that indeed we have violence in this world, and things should be changed immediately. King brings this to the attention of society that he believes that we as a community can change and turn into something better. King uses words like brutalized and murdered to convince and persuade the audience into having a different view on why violence isn’t okay while Obama uses his view on violence to persuade his audience in a different manner. Barack Obama brings up the fact that non-violence

  • The Road Ahead Will Be Long

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    Marvin powell Us history 6th 12/10/2014 Martin Luther king JR In words of Barrack Obama, “The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep.” Obama provides a simple yet strong illustration of the hardships and obstacles faced when Striving for change. The statement made by Obama holds the same meaning when trying to Change communities that are like Irvington. Both Martin Luther King and Barrack Obama have a Superb comprehension of the extreme and

  • Similarities Between Peace And Peace

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    Is it possible to be in a society with violence and peace or just peace? In a society full of negativity and hate toward others what is a way to overcome these issues and live in harmony. Barack Obama and Martin Luther King Jr have different opinions and we can see this through the road to peace, uncivil and dehumanizing however, they have the same completion goal. Martin Luther King and Obama both want peace. One of the things Martin Luther King uses is the “foundation of love” Martin Luther

  • Analysis Of Martin Luther King Jr 's I Have A Dream Speech

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    powerful argument regarding racial equality because his speech remains well-organized and formatted from its beginning to its end. King organizes his speech in a way that makes it easier for his audience to follow along and have lasting thoughts of his words. The first half of I Have A Dream describes the American ordeal of racial injustice. During the second half of his speech, Martin Luther King Jr paints a picture of America’s future, a racial harmony. As he stated, “I have a dream that one day on the

  • The Effective Leadership Style of Martin Luther King Jr. Essay

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    King organized marches, speeches, and much more to motivate the Africans of America to fight for their rights. MLK had a way with words. He spoke eloquently and would get people on board and able to follow him to pursue a better outcome. MLK allows promoted nonviolence. His political philosophy and strong beliefs helped lead our nation to the racial justice we have today. MLK is

  • The Characteristics Of Great Leaders

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    What separates leaders, especially mediocre ones from the great ones? What are the attributes and behaviors that great leaders display in order to influence people, to follow them and change the world? Great leaders are effective when they are trustworthy, empower others, and connect with their followers or the people they influence. Trust is the foundation of any great leader. 1) When Richard Nixon lost the trust of the American people he knew another bid for the Presidency was over.In the process

  • Lin Manuel Miranda Research Paper

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    Lin-Manuel Miranda is an actor, composer, lyricist, librettist, and rapper, best known for his works In The Heights and Hamilton: An American Musical, both popular on broadway. Lin was born on January 16th, 1980 in Manhattan, New York City. He grew up in Inwood, a neighborhood in upper Manhattan, but spent a month every summer with his grandparents at their home in Vega Alta, Puerto Rico. He attended Hunter College High School and went on to Wesleyan University, where he graduated in 2002. Growing

  • Mlk I Have A Dream Speech

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    gathered together. They gathered for the right of having jobs and freedom for the blacks. Mlk has eight awards and two of them are when he was dead. The most important and big one is the nobel peace prize. He also got grammy hall of fame, presidential medal of freedom, spingarn medal, congressional gold medal, Margaret Sanger award, time's person of the year and the grammy for best spoken word album. Martin Luther King Jr died on April 14, 1968. He was shot and killed by James Earl Ray from a bathtub