Grand Gedeh County

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  • Evolution Of Collaborative Management Of Forest Management

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    considering. As senior experts at the Center for International Forestry (CIFOR), Colfer and her colleague, Byron, argue that traditional forest management was a system rural communities use in upland farming to show ownership of uplands fields, prohibitions and regulations about land and other resource use, and to settle disputes over natural resources. Similar to the traditional forest management, the agroforestry management system is used by the communities in Benuaq Dayak to recognize forest successional

  • Arches National Park Arches

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    June 7th, 2017 I am going to Arches National Park for my summer vacation. I know that the location of Arches National Park is located in Grand County, Utah. President Herbert Hoover officially in April 12, 1929. Arches got its name by containing over 2,000 arches. This national park has over a 10,000 years of history. I heard that a lot of people go to this national park for the wonderful trails that they can hike on, see all of the beautiful views, and spent some time with their friends and families

  • Easter Jeep Safari Project Observation Report

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    If I was given the opportunity to have $10,000,000 to work on any project that I would like I would start an organization that deals with multi-use public lands. I will start by giving some background on why this issue is so important to me, the benefits it has for these towns that are closely located to the area in question, and finally what this would do for generations to come. Since being a young kid till now I’ve spent many of our vacations in Moab, Utah. Moab is notoriously known for its

  • Analysis Of Monrovia And The County Requires A 4wd Built Vehicle

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    Monrovia and the county requires a 4WD-built vehicle and could take up to a day or two, based on the road conditions and the time of the year. It sometimes takes longer than a day or two when traveling with commercial vehicles. Other sites in the county require additional travel on foot, or by motorcycle. The climate in the research area is wet and tropical. The main ethnic group residing in the area is Krahn . The absence of written materials about their history and culture means that a researcher

  • Liberi Liberia's Deadliest Civil War

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    support from most Liberians. However, the government quickly turned into an oppressive military regime that destroyed the fragile economy. Doe explicitly favored his own Krahn tribe from Grand Gedeh County, as well as the Mandingo, he resisted almost all other ethnic groups, but particularly the Gio and Mano from Nimba County, eventually leading to violent clashes between the military and ethnic groups in this region. Besides, the violence he created between the military and ethnic groups he a staged a

  • Hiv/Aids Pandemic in Liberia

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    Arthur Barclay Business College Stella Maris Polytechnic St. Joseph Campus, Capitol Hill, Monrovia, Liberia Course Title: English 201: Sophomore English I Topic: HIV/AIDS PANDEMIC: “Its Social Ramifications and Impacts on the Liberian Society” Thesis: Perhaps the most life-threatening, incurable but preventive disease to the human race is the HIV/AIDS Pandemic, and the awareness and understanding of its social ramifications and impacts on the Liberian society is paramount. Prepared