Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

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  • Essay about Grand Theft Auto

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    the controversial world of Grand Theft Auto. My fifteen-year-old son desperately wants this game. All I can hear are the stories of violence associated with this game, which causes this mother’s heart to shudder. So began the search to back up my denials for his ownership of this game. The Grand Theft Auto series of games has been surrounded by controversy, however the research does not always back up public opinion as will be demonstrated in this paper. Grand Theft Auto got its start in 1998 with

  • The Effects Of Violent Video Games

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    There have been multiple studies and research cases, in recent years, that point the finger at violent video games as the cause of increased aggressive behavior in children. These studies claim to provide irrefutable evidence of the influence violent video games have on impressionable young people, such as increasing aggressive behavior and violent tendencies. But in all the research and studies done on the effects violent video games, there have been two recurring factors, a predetermined outcome

  • The Effects Of Video Games On Society And Corrupts Children And Young Adults Into Doing Bad Things

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    the spotlight of this criticism is none other than the Rockstar Games’ series Grand Theft Auto. The most recent implementation in the popular franchise is GTA V, which follows three main protagonists throughout their daily lives and involvements in various crime scenarios. GTA is known to take a satirical stance and take jabs at America and crime culture as a whole. So, within a game that is a parody of society and the vices of humanity, it is not fair to say that this game is the cause of social violence

  • Negative Effects Of Grand Theft Auto

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    In the modern world, violence is an everyday occurrence, and the video game Grand Theft Auto not only promotes violence and aggression, but it also normalizes it, creating a negative impact on society. Video games have gained a lot of popularity as of late, nearly every person has some sort of gaming device, whether that is a console, handheld device, or even just a smartphone. Consequently, the act of playing video games regularly has become accepted as ordinary in today’s culture. It seems strange

  • Violent Video Games Do NOT Contribute to Youth Violence Essay

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    Games Can Do For You Video game violence does not cause youth violence and in fact may help to curb this violence. Violent video games have never been proven to cause youth violence. One of the most looked at franchises in video game history is Grand Theft Auto (GTA). However, since GTA hit the scene in a big way in 2001, youth violent crime has actually decreased! (Snyder, Sickmund, 2006) By 2003 the GTA franchise had already sold 22 million copies worldwide since the release of GTA III in 2001.

  • What Is The Portrayal Of Gun Violence In Video Games?

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    prominent issue in society. The violent effects on media consumers is influenced by video games though research findings of the types of controllers, the actions within scripts, interpretation of individuals traits and situations, the portrayal of Grand Theft Auto, as well as tying ethical standpoints. The violence in social media has a strong association with increasing potential users aggression or feelings. In contemporary society, vast majority of video games are consisted of gun violence. Researchers

  • Benefits Of Video Games A Form Of Art

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    Video games should be considered a form of art because they take time to create, are protected under the same rights as other art forms, and include many other forms of art. I believe that video games should be considered an art form. I believe that with how many genres and games in general, there are that most are art worthy. The definition of art is: "The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination." Video games fall under this definition. Video games are created by People

  • Crysis 2: An Analysis

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    The main setting in Crysis 2 is New York City because it is the largest city in the country and heavily populated, one of the most populated areas in the world. The metropolis fell into war torn ruins as U.S. military forces had been heatedly engaging against the Ceph while C.E.L.L.’s actions had further worsened and mishandled their authority over the civilian population still in the city. Under desperation, the military began flooding the city in the hopes of wiping out the Ceph however, this was

  • The Causes Of Violent Video Games

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    Violent video games have been accused of causing school shootings, violence towards women, and bullying, especially for the impressionable youth. Critics like Mitt Romney are arguing that games like Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty and Far Cry desensitize players by teaching and rewarding violence. More than half of the 50 top-selling video games contain violence. However, many of the research studies cited by critics often fail to completely monitor control variables, ruling them to be an ineffective

  • Argumentative Essay On Saints Row

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    Ironically enough for a game that revels in its criminal activity, Saints Row stole most of its ideas from the Grand Theft Auto series. Admittedly, if you are going to imitate a game you can do far worse than GTA. Saints Row however goes the extra mile and provides players with a very enjoyable gameplay experience that goes beyond merely cloning the most popular aspects of GTA. The game opens with some extensive customization options where you get to create your inner gangster. You are then promptly