Gravitational singularity

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  • Paper On Stephen Hawking

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    Stephen Hawking (January 1942-Present) Few minds of this century have had an impact like that of Stephen Hawking. His discoveries and work have expanded the forefront of knowledge with a likeness to that of Einstein and Newton. Despite the clear adversity Hawking has faced, his achievements have been nothing shore of extraordinary. His work on the understanding of space, time, and the origins of the universe has set the golden standard for theories on the universes beginnings and mysteries, proving

  • Essay On Self Reflection

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    “Self- awareness doesn’t stop you from making mistakes, it allows you to learn from them”. Self-reflection is an important factor in improving oneself. In the past, the essays that I have written have mainly received positive feedback. Despite this, there is still much room for improvement in my writing. Earlier in the semester, I was assigned an essay for my chemistry lab class. We were instructed to watch a video about Dr. Stephen Hawking’s theory on the origin of the universe and then to summarize

  • Compare And Contrast Stephen Hawking And St. Thomas Of The Aquinas

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    Throughout the ages there has been countless beliefs on how the universe may have been created. Some people have concluded the universe was by designed by a God while others have concluded the universe was formed in the beginning and end of singularities that formed a boundary to spacetime to which the laws of science breaks down. Since 500 B.C and present time, countless of people have formed theories . Sadly, numerous of theorists don’t have concrete proof. In spite of this, people can still

  • Mathematical Exploration : Investigating Forces And The Movement Of Objects

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    Mathematical Exploration Investigating Forces Rationale: I have chosen to base my mathematical exploration around the topic of two dimensional kinematics, explaining the relationship of forces and the movement of objects. I decided to investigate the usage and applications of forces such as normal force, force gravity, and force friction. This includes examinations of objects on flat surfaces and inclined planes. I started investigating this topic after reading example works presented by my teacher

  • Intertwinement Of Photography

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    My current work reflects how each photograph is a precious thing; the very fact we are here, now, and able to take these photographs. If everything was random would we be here at all? Once we start to calculate the chances of generating a photograph from random we reach some incomprehensibly large numbers. This work looks at what would happen if everything worked at random, and the results mirror this idea. Here is a randomly generate image using about eight colours based on the grey scale. Maybe

  • Quantum Population Based Meta Heuristic

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    In physics gravitation is the tendency of agent with object to accelerate towards each other. In the Newtonian law each object attracts every other object by a gravitational force. Gravitational search algorithm is one of the newest stochastic population based meta heuristic that has been inspired by newtanion laws of gravity and motion. The algorithm is consisted of collection of searcher agents that interact with each other through the gravity force. The agents are deliberated as objects and their

  • Essay

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    chores I rode my bike to the lab for a few hours each time. As the days went on, I stayed longer and longer. Soon I had a routine in the lab as if I were a full-time worker. Ying’s lab was set in a small room. To keep the least interference on his gravitational experiment from any source of disturbance, the room was dimly lit. Even a light

  • The And The Appllication Of The Gavitational Lensing

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    GAVITATIONAL LENSING AND THE APPLLICATION OF THE GAVITATIONAL LENSING TAO ZHE YU AND ZHE LONG PENG University of Wu Han ABSTRACT This paper introduceds the princeple of the gravitational lensing and the appllication of strong gavitational lensing,the weak gravitational lensing and the microlens Subject heading:gravitation--gravitational lensing 1.INTRODUCTION According to the Einstein’s general relativity, lights will bend in the gravity theory. So the light from background objects such as stars and galaxies

  • Antirealism In Astronomy Essay

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    and are not coextensive. The first of these arguments is based on the example of gravitational lens systems. Though Hacking is a realist about many scientific entities that cannot be observed in any literal sense, in Extragalactic Reality he argues that due to the existence of gravitational lenses we have reason to be antirealist about even those objects which we are able to observe outside of our galaxy. A gravitational lens system is a phenomena caused by an object, M, with a large mass which is in

  • The Possibilities of Technological Influences on Evolution

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    Introduction In humanity, as in all of life, the most successful traits in producing offspring will also become the most prevalent. There is a belief that because we no longer fight for our survival, we will no longer evolve. Evolution, however, has no goal or foresight. Though we have seized the need to fight, and have triumphed to the top of the animal food chain, we continue to change and develop by whatever is most successful for production. This could be beneficial, but could also have detrimental