Great Salt Lake

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  • Terry Tempest Williams’ Refuge Essay

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    they another link to our homelands or do they orphan us, forcing us to seek refuge? Terry Tempest Williams’ Refuge, is the story of her adaptation to change, her struggle to weather changes. The emotional maturity of her relationship with the Great Salt Lake is a subset of her wider community’s relationship to their homeland. This emotional separation

  • What Makes Iodized Table Salt?

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    table salt: This is the most type of salt used in homes and kitchens. It is called “Iodized” because today, most salt manufacturers fortify the salt with mineral Iodine. It is an essential mineral for fighting off certain Iodine-related diseases like hypothyroidism. There’s also another natural way to get this important mineral into someone’s system by eating more seaweed, which is rich in Iodine. Sea Salt: Made from evaporated water in the sea. Their are larger and coarser crystals of salt then Iodized

  • The Massacre of Captain John Gunnison and his Explorers in 1853

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    Two events took place in the mid-19th century in the United States that set the stage for a third which became an historic turning point in American history. The settlement of Mormons in Utah and their pursuit to establish their own government coupled with explorations to develop the transcontinental railroad laid the groundwork for the massacre of Captain John Gunnison and his explorers in 1853 which took eight lives. As massacres go, the loss of eight people was not numerically remarkable. What

  • Robert Smithson Essay

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    earthworks. He started by making them as ‘landmarkers’ like a map using mostly natural materials. He started making his most commonly known piece, the Spiral Jetty, in 1970 off of Utah’s Great Salt Lake.1 It was the start to his large scale earthwork. He was inspired by an Indian monument he saw in Ohio, the Great Serpent Mound. This was a turning point for him; he was able to finally achieve his goal of putting work in the land and not just on it.3 Smithson drew many pictures and took a lot of time

  • Of Vincent Lamouroux's Essay 'Notes On Site Specificity'

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    The stark white remains of the Sunset Pacific Motel upsets the urban environment surrounding the strip of Sunset Boulevard in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles. French artist Vincent Lamouroux coats an abandoned motel, the billboard that rests above it, the wire fence encompassing it, and the palm trees surrounding it with a temporary layer of opaque lime wash. He names the piece Projection. The motel now stands like a ghost, gleaming in white with its community’s history eternalized beneath

  • Land Art History

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    When it emerged in the sixties among the crush of several other art movements (Pop Art, Minimalism, among others) Land Art came to be an anti-gallery artistic offshoot that straddled the domain between architecture and sculpture. It had no manifestos nor schools nor leaders and it was not quite a movement; the artists who were involved with it were also involved in other types of arts. Land art was labelled as modern ‘sculpture’ but its versatility and introduction of new concepts and visual materials

  • Descriptive Essay About My Father

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    seventeen-years-old. He tells me he loves me, not every day but every week at least. He doesn’t have to say it too often. He just loves. Even when Angelo left, he kept loving him. He kept the little shells they had found on the beach when we drove to the Great Salt Lake. They’re lined up in a row on the bathroom windowsill. He also kept Angelo’s shirts, the ones he left behind. He wears them sometimes; the ones with holes from where sparks burned the fabric for Angelo’s welding projects. We’ve got one of those

  • Essay on Terry Tempest Williams' Refuge

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    circumstances surrounding the 1982 rise in the Great Salt Lake as well as her mother’s death from cancer. Throughout the book Williams gets so caught up in preventing her mother’s death that she risks missing the sunset of her mother’s life. However the Sevier-Fremont’s adaptability to changes in nature inspires Terry Tempest Williams to re-evaluate her response to changes in her life. The story of the Sevier-Fremont people’s evolution and existence in the Great Basin parallels Williams’ life in Utah

  • The Utah Journey Annotated Bibliography Outline

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    Annotated Bibliography Works Cited Holzapfel, Richard Neitzel., and Susan Allen. Myers. The Utah Journey. Gibbs Smith, 2009. This book is basically a timeline of Utah’s History. It has all of the important information and some extra too. The parts that I used were about the Mountain men of Utah and about the Native Americans. I love how it is super detailed, and it’s organized and everything is easy to find. “Mormons.” Countries and Their Cultures, This

  • My Perfect Day

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    would do in my perfect day wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t have family with me. As the day goes on, it becomes obvious that this is a very unrealistic day, cost and time wise. The places I would visit, the old friends I get to see again, and even the great food I would get to eat, make my perfect day truly special. My perfect day would consist of time with old friends and family, but would also include activities I would probably never get the chance to do in my normal life. The morning would get off