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  • Occipital Neuralgia Surgery

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    A review of the records reveals the member to be an adult female with a birth date of 09/16/1971. The member has a diagnosis of occipital neuralgia. The member has been evaluated by two specialists, Ziv Peled, MD and David Rosenberg, MD, who have recommended the member undergo bilateral occipital neuroplasty. The carrier has denied coverage of occipital neuroplasty as experimental or investigational and not medically necessary. There is a letter from the carrier to the member dated 02/11/2016

  • A Mandatory Aspect When Managing Patients

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    recovery” (p.195). The patient has suffered structural defects suggesting more severe injuries, coup contusions of greater size are commonly associated with haematomas. A secondary provisional diagnosis based on the physical assessment alone, indicates a skull laceration or contusion, potential skull fracture, and intracranial haematoma. Haemorrhaging due to a tear in the occipital brain

  • Research Paper On Metabolic Syndrome

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    normally to insulin, and glucose can't enter the cells as easily. As a result, glucose levels in your blood rise despite the body's attempt to control the glucose by producing more insulin. The risk of metabolic syndrome increases with age and is greater in specific races. Brain Brain, the most complex organ, is made

  • Essay on Comprehensive assignment

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    which nerves control which muscles to cause the needed eye movements). Action: Muscle: Origin: Insertion: Nerve: Eye looks down Inferior Rectus Sphenoid around optic canal Inferior, medial surface of eyeball Oculomotor Nerve III Eye looks laterally Lateral Rectus Sphenoid around optic canal Lateral surface of eyeball Abducens Nerve VI Eye rolls, looks down and laterally Superior Oblique Sphenoid around optic canal Superior, lateral surface of eyeball Trochlear Nerve IV

  • Radiculopathy Case Studies

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    stationary related to her condition. Primarily reports aching sensation along the right side of the cervical spine radiating outwards the right shoulder girdle. She also reports more prominent right occipital region headaches, which radiates to the bilateral temporal region. Numbness in both hands, right greater than left is also reported. A mild aching sensation in the lower lumbar spine is also reported, but this is not a predominant symptoms. She rates the current pain as 4 with ranges between 2 to

  • Evaluation Of The Paediatric Neurosurgical Patient

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    Key Points 1. Approach to the paediatric neurosurgical patient is different because of age-related changes in neurophysiology and cranial development. 2. The signs and symptoms of raised intracranial pressure in paediatric neurosurgical cases are age specific. 3. Blood loss due to surgery or tumor bleed into the cavity constitutes a major fraction of total blood volume in the paediatric population. 4. Capnography is the most feasible and safer method to monitor venous air embolism in children

  • Neuroscience Of The Nervous System

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    Vigen Karchyan Neuroscience Neuroscience, commonly referred to as Neural Science, is the study of the way the nervous system develops, how it is structured and the functions of it. Scientists put emphasis on the brain and the impact it has on behavior and cognitive functions. These scientists approach a closer look on the reactions the nervous system has when humans have neurological, psychiatric and neurodevelopmental disorders. The entire concept of neuroscience is addressed as a subdivision

  • Drug Addiction Essay

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    Many people find themselves intentionally repeating an action weekly, daily, and even multiple times a day. These actions often make individuals feel good and allow them to take a break from reality. Repetitious actions with ¨feel good¨ effects may be referred to as addictions. Whether it be shopping, smoking, drinking coffee, or gaming, addictions often affect the day to day lives of individuals, especially if one does not get their daily fix of the addiction. When a person does meet their addictive

  • Peripheral Herniation: A Case Study

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    the right neural foramen, borderline central spinal stenosis and right greater than left neural foraminal narrowing findings are unchanged. At C6-7, a left lateral subligamentous disc herniation is demonstrated encroaching into the left neural foramen with mild left foraminal narrowing, which is newly present. A focal midline subligamentous disc herniation at C2-3 again impresses on the thecal sac.

  • Bio 201 Lab 9

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    be taken. To understand the structure and function of multipolar neuron,unipolar and bipolar neurons. Also to identify the structures of a nerve. There are no safety concerns for this lab. Step 1: Relates to Lab Exercise 10/Activity 1, 3, and 4. Assignment 1: Write a brief description of the three slides (Neuron, Spinal Cord Smear and C.S of Myelinated Nerve Fibers) as though you were explaining it to someone who cannot see the slide. Neuron- There is a reddish rounded shape with lighter thin looking