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  • Greece : The Country Of Greece

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    southernmost Region of the Balka Peninsula lays the country of Greece. This country has numerous of thought-provoking facts. Greece is composed of the mainland and has over 1400 smaller islands which are spread out in the Aegean and Ionian seas. The total area of Greece which is about the size of the U.S state Alabama which is a total area of 50,942 sq. mi. The population of the country is 11,304,000 people. Around the country of Greece are numerous notable landmarks such as the Mediterranean Sea which

  • The Geography Of Greece

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    What is a peninsula in Europe featuring over 2,000 islands? This is no other than Greece. It has been geographically shaped by tectonic plates as well as grabens occurring previously in its age. Consequently, the land is rugged and hilly. In addition to geography, the Greeks have contributed immensely to our world’s culture. In Greece, you can find sculptures, such as the intricately designed Discobolus. Arts and mathematics have also bloomed there due to people such as Archimedes, Aristotle, and

  • Causes Of Investment In Greece

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    Unfortunately, Greece is trailing in attracting FDIs and the reasons will be explained in detail below. The net inflows reached EUR 2.8 billion in 2016 (enterprise Greece), the largest amount since 2008, before the beginning of the crisis. Nevertheless, Greece ranks 29th out of the 39 countries (OECD) that comprise the OECD showing that the country is unattractive to foreign investors. The same picture is illustrated and at the latest attractiveness report from Ernst & Young. Even thought Greece saw a 123%

  • Fascinating Ancient Greece

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    Ancient Greece was a fascinating civilization, it was made of city-states. Greece was interesting to me because there were farmers who had to take care of the animals and the warriors in Greece defeated Egypt’s warriors. I will tell you the important facts about Greece, these five themes of geography location are: place, movement, human-environment interactions, and region. To me, Ancient Greece is interesting civilization, because they had a great god named Demeter and his daughter are Cronus

  • Transportation In Greece

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    The vast environment of Ancient Greece did not only carry an extremely unique and rich formation of land but also benefitted and effected the life of the people who lived there, through Transportation via the Coastline, Climate, and the Terrain and Landscape. Sub Topic One: Coastline and Benefits such as transportation In ancient Greece the coastal region and positioning towards the sea greatly benefitted the Greeks because it meant that by ship they could travel to areas which would effectively

  • Geography And The Geography Of Greece

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    When telling about the geography of Greece, all five themes of geography need to be addressed. The five themes of geography are location, place, region, movement, and human-environmental interaction. The absolute location of a specific place is the coordinates of a map using longitude and latitude. A place is an area that is defined by its physical and cultural characteristics. A region is areas that are similar and have definite characteristics. The movement is the way people, products, and ideas

  • Greece Case Analysis

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    Did you know that beginning in 1826 and ending in 1932, Greece has had a grand sum of 5 defaults? That’s only in modern history! According to, Greece has had a history of financial troubles since the first default occurred in the fourth century. To top it all off, Greece has spent ninety years which is almost half of the time since it’s independence in a financial crisis? This all leads up to the longheld debate between many citizens of this country and many others that may possibly

  • Greece : The Euro Currency

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    Greece introduced the euro as their currency in 2001. They made the euro their national currency because Greece was in the middle of a recession and needed the financial help of the bank of the European Union. However, because Greece has a very early retirement age and very generous benefits they spend more money than they take in. They also pay their government workers very well. Also, when Greece switched to the euro they made a big mistake by paying large amounts of money in order to make the

  • Greece - Debt Crisis

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    Unrestrained spending of successive Greek governments over a long period may have driven the country’s budget and current account deficits.2 Greece borrowed heavily from international capital markets to finance public sector jobs, pensions and other social benefits.3 As deficits and the country’s debt burden grew, the governments just kept on borrowing. 4 When Greece joined the eurozone in 2001, it gained monetary stability and was able to borrow at lower interest rates –

  • Ancient Greece

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    Ancient Greece society is very similar to the modern day society because it both did one common thing which is the essence of the culture remained same throughout the centuries even though technology, fashion and Western influence have brought some changes to it. Some things that made their culture and customs so rich were the art, architecture such as sculptures by famous artists, paintings and infrastructure. Greeks were very advanced in sports and art which made their daily life more interesting