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  • Green Buildings/Green Architecture

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    Introduction A green building (also referred to as sustainable building or green construction) is a structure that employs an approach that is responsible for the environment besides being efficient in regard to resources all through its life cycle: This is from selecting the site to designing it, constructing, operating, maintaining, renovating and demolishing it. To achieve this, the client, the engineers, the architects and the entire design team closely cooperate at all stages of a project (Yan

  • The Future Is Green Architecture

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    Architecture is vital function for all parts of society. Without architects people would have to rethink how they enter buildings, fearing roofs caving in or structural beams giving out. The rigor of an architect’s training leaves these possibilities and worries an unlikely prospect, not considered in the day to day in a person’s events. Architects make both functional and beautiful structures that are appealing to the eye, as well as useful to the world. The world wouldn’t be able to live in functional

  • Green Architecture and the Environment

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    Introduction Green Architecture Definition and Origin Green architecture or Sustainable building is the practice of building homes which are environment friendly and resource efficient throughout its life time. It is a way of reacting to the global economic crisis, environmental issues, growing human population, destruction of natural resources and the loss of biodiversity. While it may seem that this practice started only a few decades ago when environmentalists and conservationist were given

  • Concepts And Practices Of Sustainability And Green Architecture

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    1. INTRODUCTION The activation of the application of the concepts and practices of sustainability and green architecture in the construction industry will lead to finding appropriate solutions to the problems of environmental, economic and functional. Green architecture and sustainable buildings is not a luxury academically, and do not approach the theory or the aspirations and dreams have no place in reality, but because they represent a global trend for the application and start to be professional

  • Breakthrough Perspective on Green and Sustainable Architecture

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    the climates of the earth and to live our own lives. Architecture is what nature cannot make, yet it is influenced by the rules of nature, as humans evolved so did our way of thinking, and so did our architecture. Green architecture is a breakthrough in human history, Green Architecture is more a more advanced way of building, it has if the building as a life. The purpose of this essay report is to identify the advantages of green Architecture in Canadian Society and its positive effects

  • The Importance Of Architecture

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    However, architecture is much more than just the design of buildings and houses. It is a vital part of the construction process, which is a main component of the Gross Domestic Product, and can effect or be effected by local or national economies. Its importance is undervalued in the workforce, and its effect on the economy is underrated. Architecture is effected by the amount of raw materials, and the willingness of people to spend money on new developments or buildings. Architecture affects

  • Construction Of Urban Regeneration Projects

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    it is important that part of an architect to practise practical solutions that brings advantage of the existing urban assests in a smart and sustainable way. Although an architect alone could not maintain a sustainable urban regeneration from an architecture perspective, the role of an architect may contribute to a sustainable urban regeneration projects. From my

  • Architecture And Design Of Architecture

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    Architecture An architect plans, designs and construct structures. Architects can design many things like a shopping mall, a library, skyscrapers, and so much more. Architecture is a very interesting career that I would like to learn more about. I will be discussing why I chose to research this career and the different types of architects there are, the average annual salary an architect makes, what they do on a daily bases, how much education you need to be an architect, and the pros and cons about

  • Complexity And Contradiction In Architecture Analysis

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    interrupted due to Modernist language, Robert Venturi wrote a book of “Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture” and published in 1966. Book expresses the postmodernism and its rebellion to the purism of architecture. He respond to the quote of Mies van der Rohe “Less is more” as “Less is Bore” and discuss the architecture which should bow down to the complexities and contradictions. Architecture should be in touch with it in the creation of cities. After Modernisation, public spaces introduced

  • I Want to Become an Architect

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    Ever since I was young, I have admired intricate buildings and structures. I have always appreciated a nice, well thought out home because I do believe home is where the heart is. I have done lots of research on architecture, and what it takes to become an architect. I am naturally drawn to this career because it requires lots of creativity and an eye for design. Being an architect also allows you to interact with people, which is important to me because I am a social person. It also is a steady