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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Green Arrow And The Flash

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    DC Comic’s Green Arrow and the Flash operate within the blurred lines of morality to justify their pursuits to stop crime. When audiences attribute their moral reasoning to Green Arrow and the Flash, it seems they, the main character, can do no wrong. It is only when the character deviates outside the audiences moral compass that the audience perceive a lack of sound judgment. Green Arrow and The Flash fight crime for different reasons. The Green Arrow fights crime to punish those who have failed

  • Differences Of Superheroes : The Flash And The Green Arrow

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    and The Green Arrow. Although the Flash and The Green Arrow seem to be very different, when taking a closer look, the reader will find how similar they are in becoming superheroes to save their city, becoming orphans because of who they are, and having troubled past. When taking a first glance at The Flash and The Green Arrow, readers will find that they are very different. The Flash uses super speed to fight crime in Central City, while The Green Arrow fights crime using a bow and arrow in Starling

  • Apollo vs. Green Arrow

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    Apollo and Green Arrow/ Oliver Queen When I first learned about the Greek god Apollo in my Classical Mythology class, he reminded me of Oliver Queen. Oliver Queen is a character from one of my favorite television show called “Smallville”. He inherited a big industrial empire from his parents when they passed away. He was a playboy who did not care to give back to the society and only did what pleases him. One day, when Oliver was out on his boat, he was pushed overboard into the sea by an employee

  • A Comparison Of Hawkeye And Green Arrow

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    powers, but, there are some people (like myself) who wants to know who would win between different heroes and villains. People will always want to know who would win and in this case Hawkeye or Green Arrow. These archer superheroes are sometimes overshadowed by the better known superheroes, but, new shows like Arrow, Supergirl, and The Flash and new movies like civil war, the soon to come infinity war, and the rest of the avengers movies, these two are finally getting some recognition. Clint Barton A.K

  • Savatar's Monologue

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    anything you ever loved, if it means watching your life burn at my very eyes, then my life is a small price to pay. Everything I have worked on has finally come to an end.” But then, I heard a sound of an arrow fire and it went threw Eobard neck, and he fell to the ground. There stood the Green arrow behind me and he took of his mask. He says quickly, “ That should be enough to get you to break the time barrier. I can’t disarmed the bomb but here,” he says while handing me a letter that says “Oliver”

  • The Movie ' Batman Directed By Christopher Nolan, James Bond - Casino Royal

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    just use unjustified methods to save those who need saving. I hope to do this by using the Anti-heroes in the films; Batman directed by Christopher Nolan, James Bond - Casino Royal directed by Martin Cambell, Iron Man directed by Jon Favreau, and Arrow directed and created by D.C. and C.W. The theme I chose is 'anti-heroes - doing good behind the bad ', as I believe that it is important not to depict antiheroes as villains in fancy costumes, that just make

  • Drug Abuse In Green Arrow And Green Lantern

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    1970s the unlikely green suited duo of Green Arrow and Green Lantern joined forces to combat villains and social injustices. Their stories, while laden with racial slurs and stereotypes, focused on real-life struggles and issues. Utilizing a fun colorful element, like comic books, to tackle hard subject matters like racism, politics, and in this case, drug abuse allows the writers and artists to provide awareness and education. In the case of issue 85 and 86 of Green Arrow and Green Lantern, written

  • Analysis Of George Orwell's ' The ' Green Arrow '

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    The person I chose for this paper is Oliver Queen. He is also known as Green Arrow, and is a character in the DC Comics franchise. Oliver’s alter-ego, Green Arrow, rose to popularity recently with the television show Arrow that premiered on television in 2012. I chose Oliver because he is a fascinating character, and is much more than the millionaire playboy that people only know him as in his universe. Oliver is smart, caring, and has suffered a lot in his life. Based on the diagnosis standards

  • Analysis Of Katniss Everdeen In The Hunger Games

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    the arena Katniss displays many forms of her hunting skills, one display of hunting is the use of her bow and arrow. Before being selected for The Hunger Games, Katniss used her bow and arrow as a way to make a living in District 12. Peeta Mellark, the male participant selected from her district states that “She is excellent; my father buys her squirrels. He always comments on how the arrows never pierce the body. She hits every one in the eye" (Collins 21). With Katniss growing up in a poor district

  • Essay On Civil War

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    men that will also be shooting arrows, so it's fair. You all will get 2 arrows, which mean 2 chances to win. It'll begin once I say three. Good Luck," he stated and stepped back. "Sounds easy enough," she stated. "On the count of three, arches begin. One, two, three," yelled John. The sounds of arrows being released from bows sounded from around her. While, strands of her dark hair blew across her face as she stared beyond at the target. She lifted her bow and arrow, knowing the wind would affect