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  • Greenland Norse Collapse

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    the Greenland Norse, the people of Easter Island, and the people of Haiti made directly contributed to their societal collapse. Their environmental fragility advanced their downfall, but ultimately their poor decision-making led to their collapse. The Greenland Norse’s and people of Easter Island’s incorrect choices were mostly due to social challenges and reluctance to abandon traditions, but the incorrect choices of the Haitian people were due to selfness and impulsiveness. The Greenland Norse

  • Suicide in Greenland and Denmark

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    in Greenland and Denmark: a Cross-cultural Comparison Introduction The topic of suicide of interest because socially it is not quite understood yet and mostly, the attitudes towards the act are generally negative or perceived as taboo. The focus on Greenland was chosen because of the folklore story called “Qivittoq” that illustrates a different attitude towards suicide than one is used to. Therefore, it would be interesting to explore whether this folklore story explains suicide in Greenland and

  • Iceland Vs. Greenland : Similarities And Differences Between Iceland And Greenland

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    decrease the average. Two of these are Iceland and Greenland. Both are northern island nations with fierce, snowy climates, and neither is home to greater than 350,000 people with Greenland containing just over 55,000. By the names of these two countries, one may assume Iceland is a cold land covered in snow and ice. One may also assume that Greenland is home to the more verdant scenery than its counterpart; however, the entire population of Greenland is forced along the coastline due to the interior

  • Essay on The Collapse of the Greenland Norse

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    homelands, grew in population, and then either failed or succeeded in their new environments. Throughout this essay I will attempt to explain the Collapse of the Greenland Norse, one of the many societies to rise and fall. The Greenland Norse faced multiple challenges including economical, agricultural, and unfriendly neighbors. Alongside Greenland other North Atlantic islands faced geographical challenges that lead to some of their falls as well. Yet, first I will discuss why the Norse left Scandinavia

  • Essay on COllapse by Jared Diamond

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    Although Greenland and Australia are thousands of miles apart and very different in geography, they also have many similarities. In his book “Collapse”, Jared Diamond shows that both countries have the five factors that can contribute to a society’s collapse. Greenland’s Norse society already collapsed a long time ago, while Australia is still a First World country going strong. If some things there don’t change, the country’s living standard will go down and there could be major problems.

  • Greenland's Icy Island: Community, Population and Economy Essay

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    Greenland: Independent Community Dependent Country The world offers a variety of landscapes to be explored and enjoyed. Among them there is this place located in the Arctic, the largest island (non-continent) in the world, but apparently the most inhospitable, Greenland. With a large percentage of ice that covers more of the 80 % of its territory, the North American located island and politically part of the Kingdom of Denmark, is home to around 57,000 inhabitants. The most known national dishes

  • The World 's Largest Island

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    Housing in Greenland Imagine living on or even visiting the world’s largest island. When you hear the word island, you may get a vision of a tropical oasis where you can vacation and sink your toes into the soft, tan sand and taking a plunge into the clear, blue, warm ocean water. You may think of palm trees with oceanic views all while having a pina colada in your hand. With that image in your head, what if I shocked you by saying that the world’s largest island is actually an island that is of

  • The Vinland Sagas And The Saga Of Eirik The Red

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    settlements made by Bjarni Herjolfsson, Eirik the Red’s children, and Thorfinn Karlsefni. The second part of the Vinland Sagas is the Saga of Eirik the Red which focuses more on how an outlawed Eirik the Red discovered the modern-day country of Greenland, Leif Eirikson’s

  • Modern Norse Interaction

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    The early Norse people of modern Scandinavia were an amazing group of people that traded, raided, and farmed, we known as Vikings. Norse people were well known travelers of most of the known world during the Viking age, approximately 800-1150 CE. Their customs and technology made impacts on civilizations a great distance from their homeland. It seemed that once contact outside their native land had taken place, an explosion of interaction occurred. They reached out and interacted with people

  • How Did Columbus Discover America

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    Zerubavel would most likely answer the question “did Columbus discover America?” by pointing out that not only did Native Americans live on the continent before Columbus and Europe truly discovered it, but that there are findings of what seemed to be inscriptions, scripts—that infact, are legible—and several different sculptures with pre-Columbian faces on them, and “stone reliefs all over America, that stun puzzled observers with their unmistakably European, Semitic, African, and Oriental feature”