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  • The Pros and Cons of Greeting Guests at Church Services

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    The Artifact- We all know about it (personally it’s the one thing I dread each Sunday morning), the greeting of the guests. Greeting of the guests is at some point in a Church Service (usually around the beginning of a Sunday morning service) the Pastor, or Music Minister will direct the congregation, specifically church members to go out and specifically find someone who is visiting, target them out and begin talking to them. I will look into the positive and negative aspects of this practice

  • The Origin and Continuation of the Greeting Card

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    Continuation of the Greeting Card The perfect words, the right sentiments, the ability to say exactly what we ourselves can’t: just a few ways greeting cards are defined. Greeting cards, the stars of today, started with a humble beginning. The custom of sending greeting cards can be traced back to the ancient Chinese, who exchanged messages of good will to celebrate the New Year, and to the early Egyptians, who conveyed their greetings on papyrus scrolls. By the early 1400s, handmade paper greeting cards were

  • Greeting Card Industry Market Analysis

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    weddings, sympathy, get well soon, or simply no reason at all. These are just a few of the multitudes of reasons and occasions for which one might decide to send a greeting card. The average person in the United States will receive 20 greeting cards per year, one-third of which are birthday related greetings (GCA). The American greeting card industry has been in existence since the late 1800’s and has involved into a highly profitable sector of the retail sales world consisting of countless competitors

  • Case Study - American Greetings Essay

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    yale case 08-010 American Greetings An Automation versus Outsourcing Dilemma Andrea R. Nagy1 Gene Lee 2 Arthur Swersey3 As part of an industry with generous profit margins and high barriers to entry, American th Greetings had spent decades in a comfortable position. Beginning at the turn of the 20 century, it had helped to create a mass market for the greeting card and had presided over its growth into a multi-billion-dollar industry. Because the manufacturing of cards—especially those with

  • The Importance Of Communication In My Culture

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    and their way of communicating, I interviewed my friend Yary, to compare and contrast our way of communicating through our culture. To begin with, everyone has a different speech repertories when it comes to different situations. Particularly, greetings is one situation where there are different ways for people to greet elders. No would would greet their friends the same as their grandparents,

  • Chinese Culture And Cultural Differences In Hong Kong

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    differences and customs that take place in Asian businesses, which can include authority, office relationships, privacy, uniform or dress code and even the personal status of employees... For example, in Hong Kong, and many other Asian countries, greetings are made by bowing or with a handshake. Elders and those in high positions are usually greeted first and tend to not bow in return. Some may deem this disrespectful, but in many Asian countries, it’s the norm. On the other hand, bowing in America

  • Marketing Plan For Specialty Marketing

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    give you examples of how you can incorporate Specialty Marketing into your overall marketing plan, such as incorporating “marketing services” into your greetings.  In Person Greeting: (“Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening) welcome to Stylogix, Your Hair Color Specialists. My name is Dana. How may I assist you?”  Over the Phone Greeting: (“Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening) thank you for calling Stylogix, Your Hair Color Specialists, this is Dana speaking. How may I assist you?

  • Essay about Comparison of Japanese and American Cultures

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    the customs followed by Americans come from the upbringing of the individual. As adults, Americans may form their own special customs that will be unique for their family. The greetings and visiting customs may vary from family to family, but generally most Americans have a simplistic approach. American greetings are generally informal. Men and women greet each other with a smile and a firm handshake (United States). Close friends and relatives will welcome each other with a hug or a

  • Mexican Daily Life Essay

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    individually. Women will pat each other on the forearm or shoulder as an initial greeting where men use the handshake in situations where they are greeting someone for the first time. Handshakes consist of a gentle grip and a quick sharp shake. After men develop a relationship hugs or back slapping called abrazo replace the handshake. Women will progress to a series of air kisses on the cheek. Air kissing is also the appropriate greeting between a man and a woman who know each other. The first kiss is in the

  • Persuasive Speech For Flipinos

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    Welcome to the Future Foreign Urban Careers Convention, also known as F. F.U.C.C. or F-FOOK-K. I know you are all anxious to travel to distant lands, embark upon adventures, and begin working on your first million in your chosen career fields! STOP! Before you board that airplane, I am attempting to SAVE YOUR LIFE--at the most keep you from arrest or fines--at the least, embarrassment. I have been asked by the Chairperson of F-FOOK-K to speak to you today because there just may be no one more