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  • The Battle Of The Fairfax Court House In Virginia

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    The first person who reported back to the Fairfax Court-House in Virginia after the skirmish was Major General Julius Stahel of the commanding Cavalry Division department of Washington due to the orders received. The skirmish began between the hours of seven and ten in the morning. Stahel states that it all started with an attack done by “Mosby, with his band of guerrillas, together with a portion of the Black Horse Cavalry and a portion of the North Carolina Regiment.” The strategic attack was done

  • Grey's Anatomy, By Shonda Rhimes

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    Grey’s Anatomy, created by Shonda Rhimes (first airing in 2005), is a television show that focuses not only on the journey of the protagonist, Meredith Grey, but also follows the other characters in their difficult path of becoming doctors in the surgical field (“About Grey’s Anatomy, n.d.). The television series takes place in a medical center formerly known as Seattle Grace Hospital, but over the course of the show is later changed to Seattle Grace-Mercy West Hospital (due to a merge) and then

  • Essay On Grey's Anatomy

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    effortlessly shown throughout the American medical drama series, Grey’s Anatomy. It was released on ABC television in 2005 and continued to air until 2016. It narrates five medical students in Seattle, Washington’s hospital in which they all progress through the seasons to become a doctor. They also goas well through drama and difficult situations, while trying to keep their personal love lives maintained. “One of the best things in Grey’s Anatomy is that none of the characters are perfect; they all

  • Grey's Anatomy, The Walking Dead And Gossip Girl

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    What makes tv shows popular. Everyone has heard of “Grey's Anatomy’, “The Walking Dead” and “Gossip Girl” even if they have never personally seen the show. As an adamant fan of Grey's Anatomy or “Greys” according to Mr. Wilden because “That is what the cool kids say”, I am personally guilty of binge watching 12 seasons over the course of 6 months. In case you didn't know that is 279 episodes that are each 45 min long so 12,555 min in the last 183 days were consumed with by one TV show. But what is

  • The Racial Logic Of Grey 's Anatomy

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    In the article, “The Racial Logic of Grey’s Anatomy: Shonda Rhimes and her “Post-Civil Rights, Post-Feminist” Series”, the author, Kristen J. Warner argues Rhimes’s use of blind casting, “the process of not writing race into a script,” in her prime-time show Grey’s Anatomy (Warner). Warner says, “...race has little to do with text in comparison to the more pressing issues of a hospital” (Warner 633). Shonda Rhimes creates a multicultural hub at Seattle Grace Hospital where racial issues take a step

  • The Media And The Role Of Media In The Media

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    may stereotype a certain group of people, which impacts how others view one other. When the media does this, it further supports the division in society. While most media does this, Grey’s Anatomy is one that does the opposite. Through its portrayal of powerful people who would typically be oppressed in society, Grey’s Anatomy goes against refutes the social norms that we’re accustomed to. The creator of the television show is Shonda Rhimes. She is the only African American women to have created more

  • Greys Anatomy

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    keep fighting, there are two choices: either you sink or you swim. At least that’s the mentality that belongs to the young, soon-to-be medical doctors in the 2005 TV series Grey’s Anatomy. Already having 8 seasons of surgical miracles, everlasting camaraderies, problematic love triangles, and life-threatening decisions, Grey’s Anatomy portrays a “dramedy” which focuses on a highly intellectual group of interns, residents, and attendings that strive to one-up each other in order to rank as the best

  • Medical Shows, Scrubs and Greys Anatomy Stand Above the Rest

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    There are two medical television series that stand above most others. These two shows put an emphasis on their personal, rather than professional lives. Bill Lawrence’s television series Scrubs and Shonda Rhime’s television series Greys Anatomy share the theme of competition, Greys Anatomy is better because of Shonda Rhime’s use of character, point of view, and conflict. Scrubs main character is John Dorian or J.D played by Zach Braff. Greys Anatomy main character is Meredith Grey played by

  • `` Grey 's Anatomy ' : A Popular Medical Drama That Follows The Lives Of Patients Essay

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    The visual text, Grey’s Anatomy is a popular medical drama that follows the lives of doctors at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. The show portrays medical as well as personal challenges throughout the lives of patients and surgeons. It is tremendously popular due to the realistic heart-wrenching situations that happen in and out of the operating room. In order to be a surgeon, one has to take risks and possess courage. One of the TV show’s main surgeons, Meredith Grey, is a brave soul that expresses

  • The Use Of Communication In Superattural And Gray's Anatomy And Supernatural

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    communicates details that are essential to the program. There are two in particular that display excellent communication; the tv shows being compared and contrasted are Supernatural and Grey’s Anatomy whereas supernatural is an action fiction, thriller, Grey’s Anatomy is a medical drama. In a medical drama such as Grey’s Anatomy, most of the action takes place in a hospital setting, whereas in an action thriller like Supernatural, conflict often takes place in dark abandoned buildings. These chosen places