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  • Groundwater Analysis : Groundwater Governance

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    the available groundwater governance literature with the specific aim of highlighting and critically examining the role of knowledge in supporting "good governance" of groundwater resources including how knowledge co-generation/co-production may contribute to enhancing cooperation/reducing conflict over managing shared resources. While reviews of global literature do exist, they have thus far only been used to make generic recommendations on the importance of knowledge for groundwater governance, and

  • Groundwater Chemistry In Groundwater Pollution

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    Introduction The groundwater chemistry is controlled by rock-water interaction, dissolution of mineral species and anthropogenic activities (Faure, 1998; Subba Rao,2001; Umar and Absar 2003). The potability of water is also affected by over-exploitation of groundwater which ultimately gives rise to severe problem. Anthropogenic influences like domestic sewages, industrial effluents and chemical fertilizers also deteriorate groundwater quality (Vasanthavigar et al. 2012). Variations in water quality

  • Groundwater Pollution

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    Groundwater is water that is contained underground in the soil, or in the pores of a rock. For some places, groundwater is vital. In others, it’s just an additional water source. Pollution is a harmful substance that is introduced to an environment. Groundwater isn’t exactly polluted in the sense that toxic waste seeps into it, but that it is mixed in with other types of water that is exposed to the surface. As for the overexploitation of groundwater, this paper will introduce ways to prevent it

  • Essay On Groundwater Vulnerability

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    To meet the objectives of this study, the 12-digit hydrologic unit boundary was selected as the basic analysis unit to assess the groundwater vulnerability. It is the finest resolution of the hydrologic unit hierarchy (Figure 2), which is georeferenced to the 1: 24,000-scale topographic base map and meets the National Standards for the Spatial Data Accuracy and the Watershed Boundary Dataset standards [32]. There are a total of 656 watersheds within the CV with an average size of 80 km2. Nitrate

  • Groundwater and the Hydrologic Cycle Essay

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    Groundwater and the Hydrologic Cycle Introduction Water is the lifeblood of every living creature on earth. Approximately 70 percent of the earth's surface is covered with water. Thought the wonders of nature, water can take on many different forms, form the water we drink, to the ice we use to chill a glass of lemonade, to the water vapor used to steam clean equipment equipment. It is easy to understand the significance water plays in our lives, but it may be much more difficult ot understand

  • The Distribution And Mobilization Of A Groundwater Aquifer

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    Geochemistry plays an important role the distribution and mobilization of As in groundwater aquifer. To find the influence of geochemical processes of As mobilization in groundwater of the study area, the correlation matrix among As and various physio-chemical parameter are given in Table 4. Pearson correlation matrices show that various physio-chemical parameters pairs of groundwater samples have a significant positive correlations such as TDS–EC (r = 1.000), TDS–Na (r = 0.587), TDS–Ca (r = 0.624)

  • The Need for Groundwater Extraction Regulation

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    Groundwater is used primarily for irrigating farmland; and secondarily, for consumption and industrial use. Aquifers, unconsolidated subterranean layers which hold water, are rapidly dwindling, and groundwater depletion is quickly growing to become a major problem for farmers and the public at large. Reserves close to ground level are rapidly drying up and due to technological roadblocks, extracting water from deeper reserves is not yet financially feasible. The problem is especially severe in California

  • The Groundwater Of California Is A Serious Policy Matter

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    The groundwater of California is a serious policy matter in legislation. If there is drought, such as years like this, then management is necessary because it may encourage more pumping to supplant the water not gathered from other resources. Groundwater can account for as much as 35% of all the water used by California (cite). Unfortunately, there are not many laws established to regulate groundwater. The basins can replenish if they are pumped on a limited basis during normal or peak years. Luckily

  • Classification Diagram Classification Of Groundwater Samples

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    The USSL diagram classification of groundwater samples has been shown in figure 8. The samples are classified as C2-S1, C3-S1, and C4-S1 categories. 23 samples (47 percent) were placed in C2-S1 class. The C2-S1 class points to medium saline water and low sodium amount which poses no hazard of sodium exchange for agricultural usage in every type of soils. 45 percent of groundwater samples (22 samples) were in the C3-S1 class, meaning that water is highly saline, sodium is low and there is little hazard

  • California Groundwater Depletion : An Ever Increasing Issue

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    Period 6 12 April 2017 Main Claim: The state of California must prevent groundwater overuse by regulating groundwater use, making regulation telling farmers when and how to water crops, and improving aquifer water levels with new innovative technologies. California Groundwater Depletion: An Ever Increasing Issue The state of California may run out of groundwater in as little as ten years. California is dependent on groundwater, and without it, it would be thrown into a statewide water crisis. So