Group Therapy Essay

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  • The Theory Of Group Therapy

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    method of therapy is found in the development of group therapy, as a counselor helps to develop an environment conducive to the recovery of the individuals that are participating within the confines of the group. This environment can be considered a smaller part or a nucleus of society as a whole, in the fact that each individual can create a larger environment in and around self, based off of what is learned in the smaller environment of group. Burlingame & Baldwin (2011) note that group members could

  • Reflection Of Group Therapy

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    taking this course I have learned that group therapy consist of psychotherapy treatment that allows individuals to come in contact with each other. As members approach one another they are strangers at this point. They begin to communicate with each other about their issues in an interpersonal setting. In group therapy, I have also learned and seen from experiences that some members would like to be the dominant one in the group who enjoys taking over the group sessions, be demeaning and manipulative

  • Benefits Of Group Therapy

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    Group Therapy: Identifying and working with barriers to healing from sexual abuse was hosted by the Girls Action Foundation. The Girls Action Foundation is a non- profit organization dedicated to supporting girls and young women to overcome barriers and reach their true potential. The group counseling session was held for young women from ages sixteen to twenty four who experienced intimate partner violence. This one hour session was one of six sessions the participants attend for their short term

  • The Importance Of Group Therapy

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    Group therapy is an approach to psychotherapy that brings individuals together in a therapeutic setting to work through their individual issues. According to Yalom (2005) installation and maintenance of hope is a crucial for the group process to be therapeutic (Yalom, 2005). In choosing a therapeutic approach to that would best work in facilitating groups, first is to understand the qualities needed to be a competent group therapist. To be competent as a group therapist he/she must have an awareness

  • Group Therapy Psychotherapy

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    with posttraumatic stress within a group setting. In particular, those suffering from post sexual abuse and non-psychotic mental health disorders in order to improve the mental well being of the individual. The research focuses on the impact group therapy has to help the patient to realize that those suffering are not alone and that other people are going through similar, if not the same, personal mental struggles. The research also shows that through group therapy, different therapeutic methods are

  • A Research On Group Therapy

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    Throughout our lives as human beings, the groups we are a part of, influences our behavior, lifestyle and shapes our personality. As such, individuals throughout their development are able to experience different group stages and dynamics within the diverse groups they are a part of in the institutions of family, education, religion, work and community among others. Undoubtedly, these groups and their functions play an integral role in one’s development which inevitably creates a sense of belongingness

  • The Leadership Of Group Therapy

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    issue with the group. Moreover, if the common problem was something that I had not resolve, some negative feelings such as worry would be triggered. The existence of countertransference is not necessarily harmful to the group process. On one hand, similar experience enabled me to better understand the members’ situation and helped me keep empathically attuned with them. On the other hand, if I crossed the boundary and did extensive self-disclosure about my unfinished business, the group session would

  • Reflection On Group Therapy Reaction

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    Group Therapy Reaction Thus far in the program I have had the opportunity to experience the process of group therapy. Luckily, I have had the opportunity to run group sessions at my practicum site, so I have gained substantial information about the group process. As I have learned in this program, group therapy is a powerful form of therapy that allows group members to complete their therapeutic goals in a group setting. As a therapist, I believe it is essential to experience what group process

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Group Therapy

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    Reichenberg, 2014). This text speaks to the fact that other groups could be based on the idea of racism, oppression or discrimination (Earlet, 2000). This means that the facilitator must be willing to bracket (Seligman & Reichenberg, 2014) his own values and be willing to understand the position of the group members. Moreover, due to the nature of the therapy being in a form of a group, the facilitator is required to develop, alongside the members, group norms and boundaries (Schachter, n.d.). This is important

  • Therapeutic Change In Group Therapy

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    Irvin Yalom has eleven Therapeutic Factors that he believes create therapeutic change in group therapy. Yalom’s eleven Therapeutic Factors have had a great impact on group therapy facilitators. He believes that these eleven factors can greatly help in making it easy to change individuals within the group therapy setting. Yalom (2005) says, I suggest that therapeutic change is an enormously complex process that occurs through an intricate interplay of human experiences, which I will refer to as ‘therapeutic