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  • Benefits Of Growing Up In A Big City

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    grow up in a big city. However it is more beneficial to grow up in a small town. Rural communities have a lot to offer. It offers numerous benefits to living in a bigger community. For example, they have several job opportunities offered to the residents. There is less conflict between each other because half of the people don’t even know eachother. Therefore, everyone is minding their business and keeping to themselves. The bigger the community you live in the more money the city probably makes,

  • Boston City : A Fast Growing Millennial Population

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    I. Executive Summary Baltimore has a fast growing millennial population. Partnered with a slowly recovering economy and new urban energy, there is as a chance to reinvigorate communities in the inner-city of Baltimore. Baltimore benefits from its proximity to other East Coast cities, which have also experienced growth, while remaining more affordable. Also Baltimore is willing to give a tax credit for apartment builders, now available citywide; is an effort to inspire growth of the type of building

  • Chicago: Growing Up In The Windy City

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    Growing up in the Windy City where the wind never comes to an end, and neither does the crime. Chicago is most known for its food, tourist attractions and crime rate. Being from Chicago, Illinois, I have to know all the famous restaurants which include Homerun Inn Pizza, Portillo’s Italian Beefs, Maxwell’s Polish and Hot Dogs, and last least Uncle Remus Chicken. Residing in Chicago there’s always something to do. I can go ride roller coasters, eat and shop in Navy Pier. The Windy City is known for

  • The Challenges Of Growing Up In A Small City

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    Being raised in a small town was a challenge for me as a kid. A town in South Louisiana called Chauvin runs along Bayou Little Caillou until it reaches the city of Cocodrie with marsh on the opposite side of it. There were only a handful of streets off of the highway that served as neighborhoods, since we were surrounded by water on both sides. I never got the opportunity to run around the neighborhood with the kids around the block because we lived off of the highway. Instead, I would run along

  • Comparing Two Choices

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    or a big city? There are many different opinions on which one is better for a person overall, which can often lead to arguments. Choices can have both positive and negative sides to them. In this case both choices that are given have pros and cons. The better choice is to grow up in a big city. The first reason that growing up in a big city is good, is that you have the chance to meet more people in big cities usually have a lot of people in them, of all races and ethnicities. Growing up in this

  • Lagos Research Paper

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    first to break free in Nigeria Although Lagos, Nigeria is the first city established after breaking free of British rule in Nigeria, websites such as,, and do not list Lagos as the most successful city; however, Lagos is the most successful city because of their population growth, government structure and history. The year 1960 is a year of new beginnings for the newly formed city, Lagos. In 1861, ninety-nine years before Lagos won its independence

  • Vertical Expansion Essay

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    audience that vertical expansion of urban areas is a good idea. First the author discussed some facts to back up as to why vertical expanish is necessary in growing urban areas. For example; “the larger our population gets, the faster our growth accelerates,” which means vertical expansion should be used in order to accommodate the growing population. Or as the stated by the author “this kind of outward expansion is a problematic, antiquated model that we need to abandon for upward expansion.” Another

  • Teotihuacan Culture

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    200 C.E the city grew rapidly, becoming one of the largest cities in Mesoamerica. From my perspective there are different factors that contributed to the growth of Teotihuacán, resources, neighbors, trade, religious matters, and economy. This paper will basically focus on the economy and how it was utilized to form this urban state of Teotihuacán, whether it be the effects of trade and tribute, goods and services, reciprocity, or corruption it all played a role in the uprising of this city. Teotihuacán

  • Economic Growth And Development Of Host Countries

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    The world has experienced economic growth and development over the past years. As a result of this, some countries experience high growth of mega-cities and urbanization in general. Wang et al. (2009) noted that, migration of the world population into the world cities have almost doubled since 20th century. The growth of cities has been associated to high living standards and high social status of the people. Fujita (2012) in his report realized that, the booming urbanization has led to the growth

  • The Goals Of Sustainable Development : The Goal Of Sustainable Development

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    generally agreed upon one, the Brundtland report’s definition is the most commonly cited, that it is of to “meet the needs and aspirations of the present without compromising the ability to meet those of the future” (Brundtland). However, with the growing international concern of environmental issues it has become more difficult to find consensus on where the focus should be to best make an impact. The Brundtland report is one of the primary sources on sustainability, but because of its wide scope