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  • Essay about Management of Old-growth Forests in the Pacific Northwest

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    Management of Old-growth Forests in the Pacific Northwest When westward expansion brought settlers to the Northwest in the 1800s, they discovered that coniferous trees “forty feet in circumference [that] shot two-hundred feet straight up” flourished in the forests of the Pacific coast (Ervin 55). These early pioneers found the opportunity for economic growth in logging these vast forests of towering trees unlike any they had seen before. Today, the timber industry still remains the backbone

  • Saving the Old Growth Forests Essay

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    Saving the Old Growth Forests America’s Old Growth Forests are an endangered resource that is quickly disappearing. The ancient forests are being unnecessarily wasted, and are growing smaller and smaller with each passing moment. Because the logging industry and the organizations in control of much of the remaining old growth (approx. 5%) are failing to see its value from an ecological/spiritual perspective, the children of tomorrow may never gaze upon the history of today if we do not take

  • Old Growth Forest Essay

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    with high snow accumulation, deer prefer old growth forest. Old stands of cedar, fir, and spruce provide good cover from the snow. Old growth forest has more of a diverse tree structure with greatly varying tree heights and diameters, which makes better tree canopies. Tree canopies reduce the depth of snow on the ground by intercepting the snow. When there are low snow accumulating winters, deer prefer early successional forest. Early successional forest has smaller trees and shrubs and grasses, which

  • The Fight Over the Redwoods Essay

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    most productive timberland. Pacific Lumber holds the last private forest of old-growth Redwood. In addition to it’s unique hardwood, the Redwood forest hosts an ecosystem supporting virgin ground never logged, and the endangered Marbled Murrelet. After being purchased in 1985 by the Maxxam firm and it’s owner Mr. Hurwitz, Pacific Lumber tripled logging volume and looked to log the previously privately protected Redwood forest. Due to the use of junk-bonds for financial backing, Maxxam Inc. needed

  • Temperate Rainforestation

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    humans have on Old Growth Forests in the Temperate Rainforest Biome with heavy emphasis on the deforestation of the Boreal Forest. In addition, the majority of the research will be focused in Canada with some comparisons to other Temperate Rainforests in different countries. Forests are a very important part of our planet; not only do they supply resources for humans, but they also provide food and shelter to many different species of animals, insects, birds and plants. Old Growth Forests are characterized

  • Ancient Deforestation Case Study

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    chain. Why did the deforestation happen in each instance, and what was the immediate cause? a. Ancient Middle East: Forests were abundant, there was growth of cedar trees at one point in time. However these forests soon began to deplete at a freighting rate. In this cases in The epic of Gilgamesh the author spoke about how humans will one day remove all the trees from the forests, because there is nothing that could stop them. The cause was guided by greed, though the immediate cause was for resources

  • The Impact Of Deforestation In Latin America

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    Deforestation is defined as: “the clearing of virgin forests, or intentional destruction or removal of trees and other vegetation for agricultural, commercial, housing, or firewood use without replanting and without allowing time for the forest to regenerate itself” (SCRIBD). Deforestation has been a problem in Latin America since the early 1900s and the severity of the dilemma is increasing rapidly. Deforestation not only has consequences for the environment, but also, the indigenous people and

  • Where The Wild Things Are

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    project I will be examining how the forest landscape works in conjunction with three aspects of this book: the text of Where the Wild Things Are, the illustration of Where the Wild Things Are, and the music found in “Under the Stars” from the Lion King. First of all, after my presentation, I will review the forest landscape aspects of this book from my earlier in-class media presentation. For example, I will point out that the text says that Max’s room turned into a forest. Then, I will show the class how

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    Week 8 212-241 FORESTS -economically valued -timber from coniferous->softwood (important to Canadian economy) -timber from deciduous->hardwood -timber harvested in many ways -clear-cutting -new forestry, sloppy way of clear-cutting to leave trees, mimick natural disturbances -selection systems, some left behind -ecologically valued -NA timber industry focus on fast growing tree species in plantations -plantations more as crop agriculture than ecologically functional forests -maximum sustainable

  • Causes of Deforestation Essay

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    Humans have always cleared the forest for our own interests, but in the past, the process was slow and only limited regions were deforested, generally for subsistence agriculture. However, today, humanity is far more efficient at clearing the forest with our advanced technology and machinery and our almost maniacal drive to earn profits in the near term. Ranching Cattle ranches are created in the rainforest for many fast food companies. Large areas of rainforests