Guatemalan Civil War

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  • The Guatemalan Civil War

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    challenges. One of the largest challenges in Latin Americas history being the brutal 36 year Guatemalan Civil War that tore apart the country. Leaving over 200,000 dead, 200,000 in refugee camps, and the nation in extreme poverty. The Guatemalan civil war began because the government and military were greatly abusing the citizen’s human rights. In result to this communist led gorillas began an active political war of terror in 1961. There underlying cause of this is the discontent both politically and

  • Globalization

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    this small village was made up of about 60 families. The residents of Dos Erres were mainly Ladinos, Guatemalans of mixed white and indigenous descent. The families who lived in this small village grew beans, corn, and pineapples, the village was made up of dirt roads and only had one school and two churches one was catholic the other was evangelical. In 1982 during Guatemala's brutal civil war, there were 20 army commandos disguised as

  • The Conflict Of Ethnic Civil War

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    the way they proceed with the differing datasets as this forms another part of the reason why they reach different conclusions. In his analysis Kaufmann finds that eight ethnic civil wars have been resolved by negotiated agreements other than partition. This would ultimately speak against his finding that no ethnic civil war has ever been resolved by a power-sharing agreement. However, he contends that all these eight cases have in fact depended on grants of full or partial autonomy to a regionally

  • Guatemala’s Presidential Election and Security as People’s Top Concern

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    highest in the world. Presidential elections in Guatemala ended on Sunday, November sixth of this year. The elections were base on the voters’ concerns for security. After suffering through more than a few decades of military dictatorship and civil war, this country of about thirteen million people craved for a leader who would provide them with safety. They wanted a leader who would get them off the list of being one of the countries with the highest murder rates in Latin

  • Essay about American Civil War and United Fruit Company

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    In, “Testimony: Death of a Guatemalan Village,” Victor Montejo describes events surrounding the military régimes occurring throughout Guatemala. The book itself is an eyewitness account detailing one instance of violence between the indigenous peoples village's "civil patrol" and the army. This occurrence leads to the execution and imprisonment of many villagers. Even though the book is mainly a testimony by one person, in which he discusses the personal conflicts and struggle between himself and

  • Armed Conflict In Guatemala

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    developed by the Guatemalan army during the internal armed conflict, which took place from the sixties to 1996. The civil war’s remained for 36 years; kids, man, and women all gathered to fight against the dictatorship of revolutionary and military who were constantly corrupt who dominated the political scene since the 1950 decades. “Guatemala experienced a violent civil war in which over 200,000 civilians were killed, 440 villages destroyed, and more than 1 million Guatemalans displaced internally

  • Essay about Wars, Guns, and Votes: Democracy in Dangerous Places

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    conditionalities in their financial aid policies, emphasising the establishment of fair democratic elections in recipient countries. However, efforts to reinforce legitimate democratic governments in developing states have been largely unsuccessful. In the book Wars, Guns, and Votes: Democracy in Dangerous Places, economist Paul Collier examines how the international community’s obsession with democracy and elections has hindered the developmental process in what he has termed as the bottom billion countries.

  • The Ethics of Drone Warfare Essay

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    this point. This is the future of all air warfare. At least for the US." Opponents argue that by removing one of the key restraints to warfare – the risk to one’s own forces – unmanned systems make undertaking armed attacks too easy and will make war more likely. Evidence is beginning to emerge that it is the persistent presence of UAVs sitting over remote villages and towns simply looking for ‘targets of opportunity’ that may be leading to civilian casualties. The CIA oversees drone strikes as

  • My Experience as a War Child and Immigrating to America Essay

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    away right after I was born. Shortly after, my father left the country and traveled to the United States with the goal of finding a job that would lead to a better lifestyle for his family. On March 23, 1991, a civil war started which became known as, “The Sierra Leone Civil War.” This war took everything from me and turned my life upside down. It brought so many tragedies; it took my grandmother away from me, educational

  • Medicine During The Civil War

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    During the Civil War, medicine was an important aspect for every soldier due to the fact that many soldiers had to fight and ended up with injuries also there were many types of illnesses. In this essay, I will focus on the advance of medicine during the Civil War. Also how the soldiers and civilians were treated as well as how sanitize their location was, are questions I will try to answer. Also, I will like to include some of most known causes of deaths during the Civil War and the types of diseases