Guinea pigs

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  • Expulation In The Guinea Pigs

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    This topic was explored throughout a novel called The Guinea Pigs, by Ludvík Vaculík. Vaculík was a notable Czechoslovakian author in the mid 20th century, while the novel takes place in Prague around 1973. The experiments the narrator forced on the guinea pigs, paralleled the government’s mistreatment of its banker’s-- each one became more invasive and more controlling. In the novel The Guinea Pigs, the experiments done on the guinea pigs become more invasive and controlling by the narrator throughout

  • Summary Of Ludvik Vasek's The Guinea Pigs

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    During post-Soviet Czechoslovakia, people strove for control over their lives but rarely achieved it. In The Guinea Pigs by Ludvik Vaculik, Vasek Sr. tries to make a life for himself and his family. He has high hopes for them, and he thinks that they have a happy and prosperous life. However, a combination of circumstance and insufficient pay prevent him from doing things that he wants. As the novel progresses, the narrator feels like he has less and less control over his life until he tries to seize

  • Normal Biological Information On Guinea Pigs Essay

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    Normal Biological Information on Guinea Pigs: • Adult weight: 1.5 – 2.5lbs • Sexual maturity: The sexual maturity for a female is 4-6 weeks and for a male it is 3-5 weeks. • Litter size (average): 2-5 guinea pigs • Gestation: 59-72 days • Life span: 5 years • Rectal temperature: The average body temperature for a guinea pig ranges from 99-103.1°F (or 37.2-39.5°C). • Heart rate: A guinea pig 's normal heart rate ranges between 240 to 350 beats per minute. • Respiration rate: 40-150 respiratory

  • Narrative Essay About My Guinea Pig

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    Christmas break was finally over, so it was time to return to the stressful world known as school. I wanted to check on my guinea pig, Sparky, when I first woke up at six o’clock a.m. to see how he was doing. However, once I had lifted the small pink den that he slept under, I had discovered the ugly truth. The guinea pig that I had adopted from PetSmart nearly two weeks ago lay there unmoving, motionless. I had tried picking him up to put him in his small carrier, but he was very stiff and heavy

  • Guinea Pigs As Pets Lab Report

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    NOTE CARD TOPIC: Guinea Pigs as Pets QUESTION: How do guinea pigs look like? ANSWER: 1. They have small and compact body. 2. They have small ears and eyes. 3. They have short legs and little feet with long claws. SOURCE: Guinea Pig Anatomy. Animal Corner ( 07 Nov 2017. TOPIC: Guinea Pigs as Pets QUESTION: How do guinea pigs look like? ANSWER: 1. About 8 – 10 inches long, weighing about 2.5 lbs. 2. Different

  • Guinea Pig By Guinea Pigs

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    rocky shores of Animal Island, there lived a sea guinea pig. He was young and curious and loved adventure. He would go diving down to the ocean floor to discover the colorful fish that swam through the bright sea plants, and he loved to explore the small underwater caves that dotted the edges of the reef. One day Guinea Pig was basking in the sunshine. It was almost always cloudy where he lived, and it was a rare day when the sun was out. As Guinea Pig sunned himself on the shore, his eyes scanned

  • The New Guinea Pig

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    The New Pig In movies you hear some things about guinea pigs. You may hear that they are mostly used as test subjects. You may hear that people eat them in South America. You may think that guinea pigs are gross, long tailed rodents, but they aren’t. In my opinion guinea pigs are cute. And they have no tail. But they are classified as a rodent. I do think that guinea pigs are cute. They squeak , they chirp, and when they walk, it is more of a waddle. But neither my mother nor father want me to

  • Essay On Guinea Pigs

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    commonly known as guinea pigs. The excitement my guinea pigs display as I walk into the room: climbing the cage bars, squealing, and kissing my fingers, energetically begging for food leaves a warm feeling in my heart. The funky little cowlicks covering an Abyssinian guinea pigs body in shades varying from crème to orange to black, the more colors the higher these lovely creatures rank on the cuteness scale; each guinea pig’s personality is unique. I was introduced to the world of guinea pigs in seventh

  • Guinea Pig Grooming Analysis

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    How to groom your Teddy Guinea Pig Do you own a warm, soft, cuddly Teddy Guinea Pig? Are you planning to buy one for your kid? Let me tell you, teddy guinea pigs are one of the warmest and friendly pets. They look like a small teddy bear with the fluffy body, small size, and adorable look. Grooming a teddy guinea pig is not a tough task for a pet lover. You just need to remember that these guinea pigs are your responsibility and you have sorted half of the grooming part. However, apart from lot

  • Guinea Pigs Research Paper

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    know facts about guinea pigs? I know they are rodents, and they need Vitamin C, they are mammals, and they have black or brown eyes. I want to know what food they eat, what are the kinds of guinea pigs, what do their sounds mean, and most of all, facts about albino guinea pigs. Guinea pigs eat a lot of different kinds of food. Guinea pigs need to eat hay to digest their food. They also need to eat little pellets. The only thing guinea pigs drink is water. Although guinea pigs don’t drink very