Gulf of Maine

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  • Atlantic Cod Fishing

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    of the small fish the cod prey upon (Connor and Taitano). Bottom trawls also disrupt the “breeding patterns of the cod.. Damaging fertilized eggs.. And greatly reducing the amount of young born” (Connor and Taitano). In the United States, the Gulf of Maine provides evidence of a loss of the young and old cod due to predation (Connor). Farming atlantic cod, like many fisheries are doing to replenish the atlantic salmon populations, have resulted in a breakout of the disease Yersiniosis (Connor and

  • Atlantic Cod : Evolutionary Selection For Small Bodied Fish And Recovery Of Fisheries

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    distributed from the shelf off northern Labrador, south to Georges Bank and Gulf of Maine: (1) northern Labrador, (2) southern Labrador – northern Grand Bank, (3) southern Grand Bank, (4) Flemish Cap, (5) St. Pierre Bank, (6) northern Gulf of St. Lawrence, (7) southern Gulf of St. Lawrence, (8) Sydney Bight, (9) eastern Scotian Shelf, (10) southern Scotian Shelf –Bay of Fundy, (11) Georges Bank, and (12) Gulf of Maine.” Nine of the twelve cod stocks (1-9) in the northwest were protected by the moratorium

  • Gulf Of Maine: The Cause Of Climate Change

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    is forcing on them (Document E). The Gulf of Maine is rapidly warming because of the decrease in phytoplankton, which is forcing lobsters to shift northward. Cod and Pollock are also retreating which can cause decreases in jobs for fishermen and business, which can have unforeseen effects on Maine's economy. Humans also have limited access to sea animals which is Maine's biggest export and supplies many people along the coast with jobs. Without seafood, Maine loses their biggest export and many coastal

  • The Maine Lobster

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    On the coast of Maine, the dull roar of boat engines can be heard beginning at 3 a.m as captains and their crews set out in the pursuit of homarus americanus, a species otherwise known as the Maine lobster. Participants of this industry are fiscally motivated to endure unfavorable weather conditions and long hours, so that they may maximize yearly harvests. Due to their combined efforts this profession can be highly lucrative, allowing lobstermen to obtain an average household income of approximately

  • Codfishing Research Paper

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    A team of researchers have revealed that after some studying, it's been found that rising temperatures in the waters off northeastern Maine is killing a large number of codfish. New England's cod stocks are at 3%-4% of what is considered a sustainable level; they're at the very brink of collapsing. The combination of overfishing and the increasingly warming waters unseen in any other body of water on the planet has caused a steep decline of the codfish reserve of the region. A full report of the

  • Lobster Life Cycle

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    of studying many lobsters researcher Dr. Jelle Atema has come up with a detailed explanation for lobster mating behaviour where female lobster does not have a shell (University of Maine, 2016). On the other hand, Dr. Robert Steneck debates technology is best used to understand the lifestyle of a lobster (Gulf of Maine Research

  • Climate Change And Global Warming

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    A lot of attention has been focused on the impacts of climate change and global warming on forests, farms, freshwater sources and the economy. But what has climate change and global warming done to the ocean and the creatures that live in the ocean? Earth 's oceans have been contaminated with pollution and global warming/climate change. "When Earth formed about 4.5 billion years ago there were no oceans. Since then, as surface water has accumulated, the filling ocean basins have been the reaction

  • The Big Issue of Climate Change and Global Warming Essay

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    Global warming effects Maine in a lot of different ways. Lobstering is really big in Maine. It takes up to seven years for a lobster to grow to be legally harvestable. To grow, they shed their old shell and start growing a new one. This usually happens in the middle to late summer, but warming waters in the Gulf of Maine are thought to be causing an earlier shed, which can cause problems for the flow to market. Also being one of the nation's most forested state, Maine is expected to be effected

  • White Mountain National Forest Wilderness Areas

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    vehicles of any kind along with no structures in the wilderness areas. Also, emissions from the surrounding area must be controlled so as not to disrupt visibility within the wilderness areas. White Mountain National Forest Wilderness Areas. The Great Gulf Area: 5,500 acres which was designated by the 1964 Wilderness Act The Presidential Range-Dry

  • Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake

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    listing status near New York (80 FR 51763 51764, August 26, 2015). They are found in the shallow waters (except during migration) of shoals, bays, lagoons reefs, and inlets, often where submerged aquatic vegetation exists, from Maine south to Florida, and throughout the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea (USFWS 2015n, 2015o; NOAA 2015e). Green sea turtles nests are not present in New York; however, they occasionally are found stranded on or near the shore (NYSDEC 2015ad). Breeding takes places in