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    Behavior that displays a severe lack of empathy and consciousness on the doer’s part towards the victims of his actions constitutes evil, as selfish desires stand preeminently over the well being and sufferings of others. Deeds such as undue, physical abuse and rape are intrinsically wicked in that they objectify and exploit individuals, devaluing and dehumanizing, with no regard to the inconceivable cruelty and pain which they inflict. Evil behaviors should be dealt with with considerable attempts

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    Epiphany In The Zoo Story

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    In The Zoo Story by Edward Albee, Jerry is able to confront his own forms of darkness in order to achieve a full outlook in life. Jerry is able to accept loss and cruelty in life in order to become a full member and participant in society. He reaches this epiphany through his relationship with his neighbor’s dog. When Jerry enters his home building, he is constantly interrupted but the dog and his growling. His daily routine consists of worrying about this dog, and not being able to complete his

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