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  • Essay about Jupiter and Semele by Moreau

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    Jupiter and Semele by Moreau            19th century French painter Gustave Moreau was an artist highly regarded for his intricate use of images based on myth and legends to create very symbolic and often haunting paintings. Moreau was quoted saying: “I love my art so much that I shall only be happy when I can practice it for myself alone.” In a time when many artists choose to paint classical mythological subjects as if it were a proper education in Greek and Latin, Moreau was developing his own

  • Henri Matisse Essay

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    Henri Matisse      Henri Matisse was born December 31st, 1869 to two storeowners, Emile and Heloise Matisse. His father wanted him to be a lawyer, so later on in life he could takeover the family business. They sent him to Henri Martin Grammar School where he studied to be a lawyer. There was a hint of artist in Henri because while working as a lawyer’s assistant he took up a drawing course (Essers 7). It was for curtain design but it seemed to be destiny for a lawyer’s assistant to take up such

  • Sick Eros: Antonioni's Films Display the Outdated Morals of Society

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    The older generation in America was taught to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, but the younger generation knows it does not work. How can they trust strangers after hearing about murders, rapes, kidnappings, shootings, robberies, and gangs? Yet their behavior is dictated by the benefit of the doubt when daters only think about leaving horrible or awkward dates, and ignore uneasy feelings about being alone with a stranger in an elevator. Filmmaker Michelangelo Antonioni has a broader claim

  • Creative Writing: Timmy's Life

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    Timmy is an 18 year old man fresh out of high school. He was an average student earning B’s and C’s. Timmy wants to go to college and study law to become a lawyer. His dream school is Yale University. Luckily for him, his parents have saved up enough money to send him there. Currently, Timmy is on a train from Philadelphia to Connecticut anticipating his arrival. His first class is on September 10th, 2018 and he is scheduled to arrive on the 6th. This will give him a few days to unpack and hopeful

  • Great Moments are Born from Great Opportunities

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    Great moments are born from great opportunities. As a part of the Holy Cross family, we need to take every opportunity to help each other. This helping is also known as the service program in St. Francis High School. In the summer of 2013, I took an opportunity to experience the understanding of Holy Cross and Catholic. I joined the vacation bible camp and taught kids what is catholic or what we should do as a catholic. Those moments of my service program are indelible in my mind. On the third

  • The Nature Of Science Vs. Religion

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    dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being” (Genesis 2:7). In Genesis God created humans from his own likeness from the dust of the ground in H.G Wells The Island of Dr. Moreau, the main character Dr. Moreau is given the perception of God as he also creates humans. He does the however through science as he uses vivisection, the live dissection of animals, to convert animals into people we call beast people. Through this creation process

  • Dehumanization In The Island Of Dr Moreau

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    Manufacturing Humans: Dehumanization in The Island of Dr. Moreau by H.G. Wells The connection between human and animal can not be severed. Darwin explained this connection by saying that everything in life is connected and, thereby, related to each other. Darwin further explains, “Community in embryonic structure reveals community of descent” (Darwin, 401). In other words, all creatures share something of the same origin. However, somewhere down the line, humans began to resent this connection

  • The Island Of Doctor Moreau

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    from vivisection to stem cell research, have embodied a negative stereotype in the eyes of western societies, and have consequently withdrawn the freedom that allows scientists to make innovative discoveries. In H.G. Wells novel The Island of Doctor Moreau, this perspective is portrayed through Edward Prendick, an upper class English gentleman with a subtle passion for science. After being stranded on a remote pacific island isolated from civilization, Prendick’s perspective on Dr. Moreau’s unethical

  • Madame Bovary Style Analysis

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    A day of a common doctor, Charles Bovary, is described in Gustave Flaubert’s passage from Madame Bovary. The author uses great detail to show the reader the typical house call in 1902. Due to this detail, the author establishes the tones of calmness and intensity. Throughout the passage from Madame Bovary, the tones established through detail, imagery and figurative language reveal the character of Charles to the reader. The detail in the beginning of the passage allows the reader to feel a serene

  • Paper 1

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    Introduction Welcome to the Cornell Fine Arts Museum. Has anyone visited here before? Great! Well let me tell you a little bit about the museum. This is a teaching museum, which means our mission is to educate the community. We give tours from k-12 and adults. We have free admission for all, so you are always welcome to come back! We currently have 5,000 objects. We are the only museum in central Florida to hold antiquities and American art. For this exhibition, we have selected