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  • Work Environment Paper

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    Work Environment Paper Good communication skills are imperative for organizations to carry out in an attempt to maintain outstanding performance from employees and management. Every workplace is unique in terms of their diversity profile therefore, is it vital for organization to create and execute creative communication methodologies that will enable organizations to develop a community rather than just your average run of the mill work environment. For example, active listening, collective goal

  • Analysis Of The Interview Process And My Partner Paul

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    Cultures are different all across the world, and it’s important to be able to learn about and understand other cultures to help us shape our anthropological insights. With the help of the CBL project and my partner Paul, I was able to interview Victor. The interview process started off awkwardly as there was a setup error and we didn’t quite know where to start. Victor is a man originally from El Salvador that was now residing in St. Peter Minnesota. The interviews took place at the St. Peter community

  • Military Strategy : The Dutch Empire And The Netherlands

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    Military strategy forever had been battles of attrition, men throwing themselves at each other until a winner was determined, this form of battle was replaced in Europe during the 16th and 17th century. The change in military strategy took place mostly in Europe, and the countries at the forefront of this were the Swedish empire and the Netherlands. The Swedes and Dutch changed many military strategies and practices which were in place for thousands of years and changed the standard for militaries

  • Lord Of Sweden, Gustavus Adolphus Of House Vasa

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    *The character chosen in this letter is one of the sergeant majors fighting alongside the King of Sweden, Gustavus Adolphus of House Vasa. In this letter, the Swedish soldier documented the battle fought by their forces, the Protestants, against the Catholic League of the Germans led by General Tilly. The soldier sent his letter to his father who will spread the news to the rest of the Swedish people about their victorious battle. I, Sergeant Major John Forbes, am sending this letter to you my honored

  • The Western Military Trajectory During The Gunpowder And First Industrial Revolutions

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    become a part the French nation and its military. As such, King Charles VIII became the leader of the most powerful state in Europe by advancing the nation-state instead of city-states. Nearly one and a half centuries later, Swedish King Gustavus II Adolphus would further advance the French artillery techniques and make modern modifications to the formation and maneuver of his troops during the Battle of Breitenfeld in 1631 against Count Johann Tilly, an Imperial commander. Tilly formed his forces

  • Religion In The Thirty Years War

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    The Origins of the Thirty Years' War. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the editors of The Journal of Interdisciplinary History, 749-770. Hollings, J. F. (2007). The Life of Gustavus Adolphus: Surnamed The Great, King of Sweden. Harvard: Harvard University. Mayor, H. A. (1940). The Art Bulletin. College Art Association, 106. Polisensky, J. V. (1954). The Thirty Years' War. The Past and Present Society, Oxford University Press , VI, 31-43. Spitz, L. W. (1956). Particularism and Peace Augsburg:

  • Piano Recital Proposal

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    Hall and Minnesota Valley Sommarfest. He is also an exceptional teacher, providing workshops, master classes, and clinics to further advance his students knowledge of playing the piano. Schools such as the University of Arkansas Pine Bluff, Gustavus Adolphus College, and St. Joseph’s School of Music have had the honor of calling Dr. Carlson their piano instructor. I attended his recent piano recital on Friday, February 24th, 2017 at the Carl O. Thompson Recital

  • Physical Therapy Mission Statement

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    school. He introduced me to the way parts of the body are integrated, and how treatment and care of one part of the body can improve other seemingly unrelated parts. I was a proud sponsor of a medical student right after graduation from Gustavus Adolphus College with a degree in Russian Studies. My plans of being a spy or international relations consultant were unrealistic in Des Moines, Iowa. I did not pursue a doctorate in Russian Studies, either, partly because

  • Reflection Paper In Nursing

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    Experience with Research After graduating from high school in 1993, I attended Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, Minnesota. In 1997, I graduated with Bachelor of Arts degrees in Psychology and Sociology. Shortly after graduating, I took the Minnesota Merit System civil examination and accepted a job as a Child Protection Social Worker. I had often dreamt of becoming a nurse so to make that dream a reality, I returned to college and graduated with an Associate Degree in Nursing in 2006. In an effort

  • Young Adults Are Becoming Lost Arts Essay

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    people today believe reading in young adults are becoming lost arts. Millennials have been perceived by news articles, older generations, and most of society that reading is a feature of the past. According to a study, mentioned later, done on a college campus maybe the older generations are terribly wrong. Reading is what morphs a person into who they. Maybe millennials are reading, but just not in the same manner or ways as older generations. My first experience with reading, that I can remember