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  • Character Analysis Of Lt. Cross

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    “Saboteur” by Ha Jin there are multiple ironic events that happen throughout the story. The name of the story is ironic because the word Saboteur is used for one who intentionally obstructs something. In the beginning of the story, Mr. Chiu who is a communist is arrested for confronting a police officer who purposefully throws a bowl of tea on him and his wife's sandals; it is then that he becomes a saboteur to the public. “... You’re a saboteur, you know that? You’re disrupting public order” (Jin 309).

  • Waiting, By Ha Jin

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    In Ha Jin’s novel Waiting, we are introduced to the protagonist Lin Kong a doctor in the ostensibly progressive communist Chinese Army. Lin Kong is agonizingly bound to Shuyu, the peasant wife his parents had arranged for him to marry due to this arrangement, Lin struggles with the cultural appropriations afflicted upon him within his family and love life as models of old are challenged with the new. His arranged marriage has bequeathed him to believe that his relationship with Shuyu is empty considering

  • Saboteur by Ha Jin

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    English 1123 24 October, 2010 Literary Analysis on “Saboteur”by Ha Jin If you ever wanted to get revenge on people who have wronged you, then you may be able to relate to Mr. Chiu, the main character in the short story “Saboteur” by Ha Jin. Mr. Chiu’s revenge is ironic as the conflicts he finds himself in throughout the story. The setting is in Muji, China during the Cultural Revolution in the 1960s. The leader of the communist party at the time is Chairman Mao and ruled based

  • The Chinese Revolution By Ha Jin

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    is the setting that Chinese-American author Ha Jin used for one of his novels called Waiting. This novel portrays a kind of self-made image of how China was during its revolution and its intentions of becoming an industrialized country. In the novel the main character Lin Kong is married to a woman named Shuyu. Lin’s parents wanted him to marry Shuyu for the sole reason of the care that Shuyu will give them for the rest of their lives. Essentially Lin has a child with her and then decides that he wants

  • Children As Enemies By Ha Jin

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    A breakaway from tradition also includes a breakaway from family in the case for author Ha Jin’s short story, “Children as Enemies.” The story focuses on immigrant Chinese grandparents from the Xi family who came to America to be with their son and his children, only to be driven away by their grandchildren’s hostility towards everything Chinese that started with their dislike for their traditional names. The children are trying to Americanize themselves as much as they can while the grandparents

  • Ha Jin – The Bridegroom Essay

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    Ha Jin – The Bridegroom Described as utopian in nature, the Chinese culture is often in pursuit for the perfect individual, a harmonious and structured society where the citizens as a whole create the ideal culture. In a collection of short stories entitled The Bridegroom, author Ha Jin documents this aspect of reality in homeland China. Primarily for the purposes of instruction and satirical verse, Ha Jin, shows how people are trying to find themselves in a society that focuses on the ‘whole’

  • Analyzing Waiting by Ha Jin Essay

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    Communist China uses propaganda and force to hide the truth from the public, as well as controlling them in a sense. Ha Jin writes Waiting and in this book he comments and portrays communist China in great detail. Waiting’s main character, Lin Kong, is commonly criticized as indecisive and unable to love. In an interview published in Asia Week in 1999, Ha Jin comments on Lin’s inability to love: allegorically…sum up a sort of internal psychological damage to the Chinese… the Revolution was to

  • What Is The Theme Of Saboteur By Ha Jin

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    The short story, “Saboteur” by Ha Jin is about a man, Mr. Chiu, who is unjustly arrested and manhandled after an unpleasant interaction with a police officer in Muji, China. As a result Mr. Chiu takes matters into his own hands to get revenge on the people who mistreated him. The theme of abuse of power in Jin’s, “Saboteur” is revealed through the author’s brilliant use of irony, tone, setting, and characterization. The main element used in the short story, “Saboteur” is irony. Throughout the story

  • Ha Jin Children As Enemies Summary

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    short story by the Chinese-American writer Ha Jin “Children as Enemies.” In this short story Ha Jin dramatizes the clash of generations with the clash of

  • What Is The Theme Of The Saboteur By Ha Jin

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    In the story the “Saboteur,” by Ha Jin, a man named Mr. Chiu and his wife are riding on a train, to visit Majin, when a police officer singles him out and splashes tea on the couple’s feet. Mr. Chiu is sick, so his outside appearances make him seem like an easy target. Mr. Chiu stands up to the police officer and ends up being arrested. At first, Mr. Chiu was determined to not sign the confession, but he eventually signs it to get himself and Fenjin, his lawyer, out and stop the torture. As revenge