Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution

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  • Hacking And Its Impact On Society Essay

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    information through various means like systems or computers. In the context of computer security, a hacker is that person who looks for weakness in a system so that they can gain access to unauthorized information. They are motivated by various reasons like protest, profits or evaluating the entire system weaknesses. What are the effects of hacking? For some individuals, hacking can be a hobby they like to undertake in order to analyze how many computers or the systems they can gain access to. While

  • Why Should I Be Chosen For A Staff Team

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    IGN: https://namemc.com/s/RipDip (One of my old IGN 's) Age: I 'm 13 but i 'm turning 14 in like 5 days so technically 14. Timezone: CST (United States) Why should I be chosen: The key to a staff team, in my opinion, is professionalism and experience. In my opinion I am a lot more experienced than the average player applying.I am 100% professional whilst also being fairly experienced as a staff member on multiple other servers. Furthermore I 'm not at all toxic as you can see from my previous

  • Essay on The Hacker Community

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    Hackers are typically defined as individuals that gain unauthorized access to another person’s computer. Although that definition is rather specific it can be broadened to include other illegal activities such as “phishing”, which can be done on its own and may be separate from hacking. The hacker community is what is contended to be an “imagined community” meaning they occupy no singular geographic location, like members of a community like Rosedale, nor have they have any set guidelines for becoming

  • Ethics : Ethical Hacking Gaining Access

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    hacking. The process entails similar tools, methods, and techniques that most hackers employ though with a legal aspect to it. The goal of hacking is done with the permission of the intended target with a goal to show varied areas of weaknesses from the hacker’s perspective. It is part of information risk management allowing for security advancement. The process makes sure that security protections are valid. Computer security is vital as most companies can be at the threat of harmful practices (Baloch

  • What Can You Join The Archcf Network?

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    IGN: 169 Age(Must be atleast 14): 15 Timezone/Country: GMT How active will you be?: Monday to Thursday- I will be active for 2-5 hours. Friday- I will be active for 4-6 hours. Saturday and Sunday- I will be active for 5-8hours. Any previous experience?: I have been owner on EbueHCF which had 40-50 players SOTW. I have been staff on Crewniverse which was a minigames server which had about 400 people on it but it was extremely toxic and was shut down. Random Small Servers- I have been staff on

  • Article On Growth Hacker 's Mindset Essay

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    Growth Hacker 's Mindset By Geok Chwee Ong | Submitted On June 14, 2015 Recommend Article Article Comments Print Article Share this article on Facebook 1 Share this article on Twitter 1 Share this article on Google+ 1 Share this article on Linkedin 1 Share this article on StumbleUpon 1 Share this article on Delicious 1 Share this article on Digg Share this article on Reddit 1 Share this article on Pinterest 1 Expert Author Geok Chwee Ong As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention

  • Hacking Is An Illegal Activity

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    Definition of Hacking Hacking is an illegal activity that expert computer programmers do in order to access someone else 's personal data or information without permission. These people have developed skills to dominate and break through the software. They called themselves hackers. Some hackers consider hacking as an art. In addition, Hackers usually use the computer and the Internet to hack into the software system remotely which means they can do it even if they live in entirely different regions

  • Cyber Security Is Protecting The Internet

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    Cyber Security is protection used as a defense to prevent unlawful access to information or to a computer system. When speaking in the realm of security in regards to computers or networks, the proper term to use is cyber security. This type of security is used as a defense to maintain a secure connection in cyberspace. Some might think that if they don’t use the internet it lessens the risk of a hacker getting their information. Cybersecurity is used to prevent cyber crimes which is a major issue

  • Do You Use A Computer At Home?

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    Do you use a computer at home? Do you use a computer at school or work? No matter where it is being used, the world relies on computer use each day. With every day that passes we become more vulnerable to computer hacking. Everyday someone in the world is looking through a computer webcam to take the public’s information. The people who participate in this activity, are referred to as hackers. Many people in the public do not know it, but their webcam is operating without them telling it to. That

  • Hacking Is A Practice Of Art And The Features Of Systems

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    systems. It is the practice of changing a computer hardware or software to archive a goal outside of the hacker’s original purpose, mostly common among teenagers and young adults. This is also known as Cyber hacking, which is using computers to commit fraudulent acts such as fraud, privacy invasion, stealing corporate/personal data etc. Cyber Hacking costs many organizations millions of dollars every year. In the early time around the 1800’s before computers were even around there were hacker’s. In