Hagia Sophia Essay

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  • The History of Hagia Sophia

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    Hagia Sophia known as Aya Sofia in Turkey, is considered it one of the most important monuments in Turkey, It tells us the history of the country and how the official religion changed from Christianity to Islam. Hagia Sophia has been through five phases. First of all the church was built by the orders of Constantine the Great in 360 A.D, They chose the same location of a pagan temple. They used wood to build it; unfortunately it was burned in 404 A.D. and no one knows who designed it. A second church

  • Pantheon and Hagia Sophia

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    Pantheon and Hagia Sophia Pantheon and Hagia Sophia are two extremely outstanding architectural pieces of their times. They have been built according to the traditions of those particular times. The materials used to built these buildings and the purpose for which they were used are all very important aspects and have been briefly covered in this report. Pantheon The statesman Agrippa built pantheon in 27 B.C. Then it was completely rebuilt by the emperor Hadrian. The Pantheon is remarkable for

  • The Similarities Of The Hagia Sophia And The Pantheon

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    While the Hagia Sophia and the Pantheon were built in and represent two different time periods and locations, they have some similar structural features as well as some resembling circumstances surrounding their prospective histories. Both of their unique construction is related to their different purposes and the symbolism behind the buildings. The Pantheon represents a time in which the Roman empire was booming with trade and commerce. There was a growing interest in art and sculpture as well as

  • Satire, Stain Glass And The Hagia Sophia

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    Throughout the course of the class, we have examined multiple forms of art across the span of multiple centuries. Three pieces I believe have influence the way western culture has evolved today is satire, stain glass and the Hagia Sophia. These pieces have changed the way society has and is changing. Though I did not find the Forum of Trajan, the Magnus Liber Organi, and the Sistine Chapel as important as the aforementioned, they have expanded my appreciation and understanding of western art. The

  • Influences Of Byzantine Culture On Hagia Sophia

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    Student Name Course Name Tutor Name December 1, 2014 Influence of Byzantine Culture on Hagia Sophia Introduction Becoming historically and culturally knowledgeable is subjective to studying arts of the world. Being exposed to arts associated with particular cultural contexts and periods of history maximizes the understanding of ancient civilizations and tribal societies. Significantly, arts reveal something about physical character and dominant social values of the time they were created and may

  • A Literature Review Of Hagia Sophia Architecture

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    Literature review of Hagia Sophia Architecture According to Oto et al., Hagia Sophia is one the greatest buildings and famous one in the world. Hagia Sophia is a building that is situated in Istanbul Turkey. More so, it is in Sultanahmet area that is near Topkapi place in Istanbul. In addition, from the hotels in Sultanahmet to Hagia Sophia is a walking distance. Furthermore, this building was chosen by the UNESCO as the heritage site in 1985 (Cappa et al.). In addition, it is amongst the buildings

  • Hagia Sophia vs Dome of the Rock

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    beliefs of the society. Hagia Sophia and the Dome of the Rock are two of the greatest and the most important architectural monuments in the world. Even though two of the most historical mosques, Hagia Sophia and the Dome of the Rock, are built for different religions, but due to a sharing purpose, which being praying to God, the difference can barely be noticed. By sharing a purpose, both structures act as a shrine for different religions to reach God. Hagia Sophia is one of the greatest

  • What Is The Similarities Between The Hapolis And Hagia Sophia

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    I decided to compare the Pantheon and Hagia Sophia. The Pantheon is in Rome, Italy and the Hagia Sophia is located in Istanbul, Turkey previously Constantinople. I chose these structures because the construction of domes fascinates me. How the domes were constructed is explained in the text, yet the concept still baffles me how people were actually able to build domes with the technology present then and that the domes did not collapse on themselves. The primary similarity between the two works

  • The Great Mosque Of Cordoba Vs. Hagia Sophia

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    Cordoba vs. Hagia Sophia Religion has played a huge role in the history of the world of architecture. We can get a deeper look in the minds and attitudes of people when we look at their beliefs – specifically their religion. But even though religion played a huge role in the approach to architecture, the pursuit of beauty and power can also explain to us the approaches and the outlooks of those who built or designed buildings from the ancient world. Two buildings, the Hagia Sophia and the Great

  • Taking a Look at Hagia Sophia

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    The Hagia Sophia which is the place of worship located in Constantinople, is one of the most prestigious churches of history. The dome of this Cathedral is made out of all gold and with a height of 180 feet ("Byzantium (330-1453”). The geographic features of the Byzantine Empire had helped them become a prestigious empire throughout their reign. With three bodies of water surrounding them,it allowed easy access for trade and transportation of materials and soldiers throughout their land.The Bosphorus