Hampton Roads

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  • Hampton Road Assessment

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    community is Norfolk. It is part of the Hampton Roads area, a region of 1.6 million people located in The Commonwealth of Virginia. Norfolk has about 245,803 residents and more than 100 diverse neighborhoods (U.S Census, 2010). The government unit of the city is made up of the Mayor, City Council, City Manager, City Treasurer, Commissioner of Revenue, and Commonwealth Attorney . Norfolk is classified as the major business, financial, and educational hub of Hampton Roads.(hamptonroadschamber) The City also

  • Hampton Roads Tide Essay

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    The Hampton Roads region has had a stable economy for the past couple of decades. With a large military presence, defense spending dominates economic industry in the region. More than 45% of the region’s economic value comes from defense spending. Between 2008 and 2010 the Hampton road population was approximately 1.67 million and a gross regional product of $81 billion annually. The national unemployment was 9.8 percent while Hampton Roads experienced only 7 percent. These positive regional economic

  • Hampton Roads Case Study

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    Living in the Hampton roads area has a huge military community with not only one of the largest Naval shipyards, but also one of the largest area of veterans in the Nation with over 220,000. With such a large number of veterans and the number continues to grow everyday causes some issues not only in the Hampton Roads area but also around the U.S. One of the major issues we run into being veterans is our health care, you would think living in an area with the largest consecration of veterans we would

  • Hampton Roads Research Paper

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    non-eventful, the battle of Hampton roads, during the Civil war, showed the world the future of warship construction, forever changing Naval Warfare. After visiting the past through the museums exhibits, I believe in order to understand this battle in its entirety, one must not only look at the battle itself but the events leading up to it. The union had a plan to block the confederacy by placing union ships around it. This particular battle was a small, taking place in Hampton roads, but the size of the

  • Battle Of Hampton Roads Essay

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    increasing more vital to winning. However, some battles see a greater increase than others do. The Battle of Hampton Roads is one of the paramount battles that lead to the growth of the United States Navy, due to the fact this encounter between the Union and Confederate ironclad ships was unlike any battle that preceded it. On March 9, 1862 after a two-day struggle, the Union Navy left Hampton Roads as the victor due to the impressive leadership of Captain John Worden, advanced naval technology, and frankly

  • Hampton Roads' Interest in Breweris and Craft Beer Essay

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    The Hampton Roads region is no exception to the recent nationwide interest in local breweries and craft beers. Although certain state regulations initially prevented craft breweries from existing to their full capacity in this area, some breweries still began to achieve success. O’Connor Brewing Company made interest in these beers possible in this area because of its immediate success after a long trail of failed brewing companies (“O'Connor Brewing Company” NP). Due to former regulations, most

  • Analysis Of Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel (JRB) Project

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    Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel (HRBT) and James River Bridge (JRB) Project The Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel (HRBT) is 3.5 miles long crossing for Interstate 64 which connects the South Hampton Roads cities of Norfolk and Virginia Beach with the Peninsula cities of Hampton and Newport News. One of the world’s first submerged tunnels connected to a man-made island. The HRBT was pristinely opened in 1957 superseding vehicular ferries that operated between Norfolk on the Southside, Hampton and Newport

  • Racism in Hampton Roads

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    Racism in Hampton Roads Axia College of University of Phoenix As a resident of Langley Air Force Base, we have been living in Hampton Virginia for just over two years now. This area of VA is predominately black, and while I am from South Texas and lived with mixed races there, I have never seen racism the way I have here. When I am on base to go shopping we have a lot of retired military people and they are always pleasant and smiling and telling

  • Plum Point Park Essay

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    Norfolk (GSN) produced a final report, titled #WeAre757Millenials, based on responses from Millennials. Everything from the good, the bad, and the ugly about Hampton Roads. One of the trending topics that

  • Hidden Characters In Hidden Figures

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    Of all passages throughout the book Hidden Figures, Margot Lee Shetterly’s depiction of Dorothy Vaughn’s intimidating journey to the city of Hampton resonates with me the most. “The Colored waiting room at the Greyhound bus station served as the checkpoint for an in-between world. Dorothy boarded the bus, and with each passing mile, life in Farmville faded into the distance.” (Shetterly, 22) This passage from Shetterly’s novel seems to foreshadow my own journey that I will soon undertake. Just