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  • Riordan Manufacturing: Production Plan Essay

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    Manufacturing will need to have a strong production plan. Strategic Capacity Planning Riordan Manufacturing has Chinese business partners with facilities in China. These facilities are in close proximity to the Qiantang River. The river access leads to Hangzhou Bay, which is sufficient to handle our shipping needs. Therefore, Riordan Manufacturing made a decision to take the electric

  • Personal Statement Of Academic Performance In High School

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    PERSONAL STATEMENT Growing up, I spent most of my time focusing on my academic performance and I was never a fan of fashion till the age of 18. The high school I attended had a very strict dress code and every student must wear a full set of uniform, including a shirt, a jacket and long trousers, which led me to less or none exposure to the fashion industry. Because of my outstanding performance in high school, I was qualified to be exempted from university entrance exam. I recommended by my high

  • Jack Ma Leadership Analysis

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    his traits and behaviors. Next, an in depth leadership analysis will follow. This analysis will be based on the theories seen in class. BIOGRAPHY Jack Ma was born in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China. He started studying English at an early age and practiced English every day talking with English speakers at the Hangzhou International Hotel, 70 minutes by bicycle from home. He made free tours of the city to improve his English for nine years. He became a pen pal with one of those foreigners

  • Red, Transparent Glass On Three Sides, Great Style

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    Background: CC Restaurant is located in Renmin Road, number 1314, Beijing. It is the first American-style seafood restaurant in Beijing. Near the restaurant, there are two residential areas, two hospitals (Lin 'an People 's Hospital, Chinese medicine hospital), two shopping malls (Century Lianhua range in the restaurant district Xintiandi), a commercial IT (International Trade Building), three snacks Town (century Lianhua snack City, Xintiandi snack City, International Trade Building, 5th floor

  • Summary Of The Record Of The Peach Blossom Spring By Tao Yuanming

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    In the 4th century, there was a story about a fisherman. After an exhausting day, he accidentally encountered a lovely stream full of peach trees on the shores. He followed the trace of the water, and entered an extremely narrow cave. Yet, when he eventually walked through the tunnel, the scene he saw stunned him: After walking another twenty or thirty paces, he suddenly exited onto an open clearing. The land became flat and broad. Houses were neatly arranged in rows. There were fertile fields

  • Riordan Plant in Hangzhou China

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    Riordan Plant in Hangzhou China Saad Benchekroun, Sami Berrahou, Kachong Duniya, Jennifer Watkins, Angus Newton, Anthony Lampkin OPS/571 April 26th, 2011 Dr. Roberto Coto Riordan Plant in Hangzhou China Riordan Manufacturing is a global plastics manufacturer employing 550 people with projected annual earnings of $46 million. The company is wholly owned by Riordan Industries, a fortune 1000 enterprise with revenues in excess of $1 billion. The company produces plastic containers, custom

  • Case Study: Zong Qinghou

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    1.0 Introduction Zong Qinghou is a well-known entrepreneur born in 1945 in Hangzhou, China. He is the founder of the Wahaha Group. Wahaha Group is the top beverage producer in China, which provide products such as soft drinks, dairy products and water. (Famous Entrepreneurs, n.d.) Zong Qinghou had successfully expanded the Wahaha Group to more than 70 subsidiaries and 40 manufacturing bases in China to reduce the transporting cost and to fulfill the demand of the large China market. (Miller, P.M

  • Decision-Making Skills Of Zong Qing Hou

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    Decision-making skill is the strongest skill that Zong Qing Hou has. He has the ability to conceptualize situation, recognize advantage as well as take the advantage of opportunity. Because of this skill, he achieves success in his life and also leads to Wahaha Group’s success. The first decision he made is started up a business in mini grocery in a school that sold Popsicle, fizzy soft drinks, and stationery. (“Zong Qinghou,” n. d.)This decision becomes a turning point in his life. After that he

  • Should the General Manager Be Fired?

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    study “Should the General Manager Be Fired?” In this report, we provide a brief case summary detailing the actual events that took place within the case study. We then locate and describe three main issues that lead to the crisis at Rainbow Group’s Hangzhou Company. Next, we provide analysis of these

  • Economic Benefits And Benefits Of Cleaner Production

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    implementation (Li et al., 2015) 3.2 Case of Hangzhou (Guan et al., 2014) The second case is from Hangzhou city in China. Guan et al. (2014) have made a case comparison of the implementation of cleaner production in two cities (Hangzhou and Guiyang), in order to compare different implementation strategies with their results in each city. However, here we are more concerned about the positive results of implementing cleaner production (that occur in Hangzhou city). Hangzhou has started implementing cleaner production