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  • Patsy Cline : Different Roles In My Life

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    Patsy Cline once said “If you can’t do it with feeling- don’t.” This quote may not mean much to just an average person, but to me it is something I live by. Music plays different roles to different people. For myself, music inspires me, while some cannot stand to listen. You have used it as a hobby while others use it as an escape. Music has played multiple roles in my life. It has become something that I cannot live without. Music has been a hobby, an escape, but most importantly it has been a

  • Castaway Movie Analysis-Journeys

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    ‘Castaway ‘, directed by Robert Zemeckis, is a 2001 film starring Tom Hanks. Hanks stars as Chuck Noland, a FedEx delivery man whose life is headed in the ‘right direction’, until his plane crashes and he is stranded on an island. He must adapt to his new life on the island; overcoming many obstacles in order to survive. ‘Castaway’ explores three different journeys; physical, inner and imaginative. Chuck Noland is a filmic representation of the philosophy of time equals money equals fulfilment. Zemeckis

  • Hank Aaron Biography Essay

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    Henry Louis Aaron (Hank) Aaron Date of Birth: February 5, 1934(the day before Babe Ruth turned 39). Birthplace: Mobile, Alabama, United States Date. Circumstances of Death: Living Early Life: The second of nine of Herbert and Estella Aaron’s , he weighed just 2 and 1/4 pounds at birth. Hank was a quiet boy who just had one or two friends in the neighborhood. When Hank was eight he saw his first major league game. After the game he knew he wanted to be a major league baseball

  • Tom Hanks' Bringing Out of Sympathy in Audience as Forrest Gump

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    Tom Hanks' Bringing Out of Sympathy in Audience as Forrest Gump Tom Hanks plays the main character in the film Forrest Gump.' When the film was released in 1994, it shot Tom Hanks to international stardom as the film received unbelievable amount of critical and financial success. Due to the international stardom of 'Forrest Gump,' Tom Hanks has now appeared in several big names films, such as Apollo 13, Green Mile, Saving Private Ryan, Catch Me If You Can and the film that

  • Comparing The Media Techniques Used to Present the D-Day Landings in the Longest Day and Saving Private Ryan

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    Comparing The Media Techniques Used to Present the D-Day Landings in the Longest Day and Saving Private Ryan The heroism and bravery of those who took part in the D-Day has been brought to the big screen from several perspectives. 1939-1945 were some of the most horrific times in the broad spectrum of human conflict ever seen by mankind with unmatched weapons of devastation and the senseless slaughter of millions of lives both on and off the fields of battle. The Longest

  • Saving Private Ryan - Captain Miller Displays the Five Types of Power

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    possessed the traits of a good leader, I remembered a character that left an admirable impression in my mind.      Saving Private Ryan is a perfect example of a movie with all of the elements of powerful and influential leaders. Specifically, Tom Hanks who plays Captain John Miller is a strong willed individual with a

  • Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame Essay

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    Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame To some, including myself, baseball is the greatest sport that has ever been played. It is a game played by two opposing teams made of multiple players, but only nine players per team play at the same time. To be part of one of the thirty teams that get to play professional baseball, a player has to play the game extremely well (www.baseballhalloffame.com). When a player plays the game better than most have played he gets rewarded, usually with lots of money in a

  • Band of Brothers And Today Essay

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    HBO miniseries Band of Brothers was created and produced by a crew with numerous amounts of well known Hollywood names. Two men with some of the biggest names in Hollywood that backed this miniseries with their talent were Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks. The miniseries was released in 2002, only a year after the events of September 11th. The show was aired on HBO during prime time hours, aimed at Americans who may not have had a strong sense of this era in history. Band of Brothers stresses the

  • Saving Private Ryan Vs. The Longest Day Essay

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    Saving Private Ryan Vs. The Longest Day Both of these films, Saving Private Ryan (1999) and the Longest Day (1962), are representations of the D-day landings on Omaha beach in France. The war film genre was chosen due to its popularity, historical interest and the excitement and adventure involved in battle. The longest day could have easily been an English propaganda film, as it gave a very un-realistic view on the D-day landings, glorifying the British, and

  • The Analysis of Saving Private Ryan by Steven Spielberg Essay

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    The Analysis of Saving Private Ryan by Steven Spielberg Analyse he methods used to make the opening sequence of ‘Saving Private Ryan’ both shocking and realistic, and discuss its effectiveness as an opening to a film The film ‘Saving Private Ryan’ was released on September 11th 1998; the film was directed by Steven Spielberg, and was produced by Paramount pictures along with DreamWorks. Steven Spielberg has directed many