Harley Earl

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  • Essay on Automobiles in the 1950s

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    Automobiles in the 1950s Another element that was present in the 1950’s was automobiles. Automobiles were something that everyone once dreamed of owning. Now after the war. they could finally own one. Automobiles of the 1940’s were dull and very plain. This was because designers were too busy designing tanks, planes, etc... for the ongoing war. The major event that took place that changed the way cars looked and how they performed happened on October 14, 1947. This was when Chuck Yeager

  • The Last Duchess

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    In the opening lines (1-8) of the poem, the duke is speaking to an unidentified audience. While speaking with this unidentified audience, he uses the pronoun "you" until the completion of the intended audience is identified. He starts by directing out the picture of his "last Duchess" and notices, that the Duchess is "Looking as though she were alive." This immediately tells the audience that the Duchess isn’t alive anymore and the Duke doesn't stop and think for a minute. After making his statement

  • A Short Story : The Story OfThe Stranger?

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    The Stranger’s voice, unnerved by its odd pitch. “That’d be seventy-five pence,” Earl answered. “And my petrol?” The Stranger kept his gaze fixed on Earl as the old man scanned the metre. “You guys be getting hit by that storm up your way?” asked Earl, as he worked out the petrol cost. The Stranger bristled at the question, and his face tightened. “And what way is that?” He replied, his voice now low and brittle. Earl looked up at The Stranger, unsure at the shift in tone. “Well, I seen you’d drove

  • New Orleans Chooses Home Rule Charter

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    New Orleans Chooses Home Rule Charter The city of New Orleans is governed by a Home Rule Charter. The Home Rule gives a municipality the power and authority to determine how it city should be governed. Without this power a state can make it difficult for a city to function. It can be because of political differences, old grudges, or just because it can. The state can cause economic and financial hardship. The Municipality can be given as much or as little power as the state sees fit, because municipalities

  • `` Goodbye, Earl `` By Dennis Linde And Performed By The Dixie Chicks

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    Set in the American South, the song “Goodbye, Earl,” written by Dennis Linde and performed by the Dixie Chicks, is a comedic story of vengeance and retribution. Best friends throughout high school, Wanda and Mary Anne part ways after graduation, but eventually meet back up to murder Earl, the abusive husband of Wanda. Using double entendres, strong imagery, and a light tone, Linde and the Dixie Chicks conveyed the strength of Southern women through their song, but also created controversy with a

  • The University Center For British Art

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    In the Yale Center for British Art, one can find a beautiful map titled: “The Description of Jarsey a(nn)o 1600.” One trait that stands out with this map compared to others drafted the 16th and early 17th centuries is the exquisite detail depicted in the topographical features. According to a display featured in an exhibition of the map, this is “from the collection of George Legge, first Baron Dartmouth; previously in the English Royal map collection” (Yale Center, From the Collection). One might

  • Mary Sidney Herbert Legacy

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    Elizabeth invites the Sidney’s to send Mary to the court with a promise of exceptional care “away from the unpleasant air of wales.” Secondly, by the age of fifteen, two years later from being with the queen, she became “the third wife of Henry Herbert, Earl of Pembroke,” He was known as “one of the richest men in England,” he was also associated with her father and uncle. This would be a huge task placed upon a

  • Earl Warren Research Paper

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    Earl Warren Jessica Beyer BYU-Idaho Abstract This paper talks about the great educational giant Earl Warren, his life, and most importantly his accomplishments. It explores Warren’s impact on the American Public school system and his impact on America as a whole. It goes into great detail about Warren’s life and explains why he is such a political icon within the United States. The most important information within this paper which has given Warren the title as an educational

  • Cecelia's Ironic Figures: A Narrative Fiction

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    Thirty-six dresses, twenty-one shoes, many different hairstyles, and finally God knows how many hours later Cecelia stood staring at herself in front of her tall mirror. Her shiny black hair was gathered on top of her head and held in place by diamond pins that made her hair look like a sparkling tiara. Curly, ink-black eyelashes feathered her beautiful sapphire blue eyes. She was elegantly dressed in a long silk black coloured dress, with a shimmering silver scarf draped over her shoulders. She

  • Due Process and Crime Control

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    The Warren Court left an unprecedented legacy of judicial activism in the area of civil rights law as well as in the area of civil liberties—specifically, the rights of the accused as addressed in Amendments 4 through 8. In the period from 1961 to 1969, the Warren Court examined almost every aspect of the criminal justice system in the United States, using the 14th Amendment to extend constitutional protections to all courts in every State. This process became known as the “nationalization” of the