Harm reduction

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  • Harm Reduction Paper

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    Harm Reduction paper Randy Jones Substance Abuse Counselling January 18, 2012 This paper will discuss the principles and position of harm reduction. It will also examine the public perception of the user, which has created an ineffective philosophy. Most importantly, my paper seeks to recognize the harm of harm reduction. This discussion will highlight the lack of hope it creates in the user. Harm reduction needs to be addressed so that a long-term solution for the user can be implemented, not

  • Harm Reduction Essay examples

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    “Harm reduction is based on the premise that people are responsible for their behaviour, that they maker personal choices that affect their health and well-being, and that they can make safer and better decisions if given useful and honest information” (Mathre, 2002, p. 106). Harm reduction recognizes people’s unhealthy choices while also attempting to reduce the harmful effects that come from these unhealthy behaviours (Marlatt, 1998 as cited in Brown, Luna, Ramirez, Vail, and Williams, 2005). Using

  • Abstinence vs. Harm Reduction

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    “Abstinence Vs. Harm Reduction” “Drug policy regarding the control of the traditional illicit substances (opiates, cocaine, cannabis) is currently moving through upbeat times in almost all Western countries. Prohibition on the basis of repressive law enforcement not only seems to fail on a large scale, but also to create vast additional costs, problems, and harm for drug consumers, who often find themselves in extreme social, economic, and health conditions” (Fischer 1995: 389). Western countries

  • The Ethical Controversy of a Nurse`s Role in Harm Reduction

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    Harm reduction can be defined as an approach that aims to reduce the consequences of high risk behaviours such as injection drug use on the individual and on society as a whole. Harm reduction programs provide injection drug users with access to a clean injection environment, sterile injections, drug-preparation equipment and safe disposal of contaminated material at the time of injection. Staff members in harm reduction facilities provide health teaching, anonymous HIV testing, information on addiction

  • Is Harm Reduction a Desirable National Drug Control Policy Goal?

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    Is Harm Reduction a Desirable National Drug Control Policy Goal? There are many differing viewpoints in the United States when dealing with drug policy. Within the political arena, drug policy is a platform that many politicians base their entire campaigns upon, thus showing its importance to our society in general. Some of these modes within which drug policy is studied are in terms of harm reduction, and supply reduction. When studying the harmful effects of drugs, we must first to attempt

  • Harm Reduction

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    Harm reduction work toward in keeping people safe and minimize death, disease, and injury from high risk behavior, especially psychoactive substance use. Harm reduction has many benefits for people who consumed substances, their families, and communities. Research shows harm reduction activities can,Reduce HIV infection and hepatitis, overdose deaths and other early deaths among people who use substances, injection substance use in public places, and reduce the number of used

  • The New York City Aids Housing

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    INTRODUCTION “Everyone practices harm reduction, whether they see it or not. When you put on a seat belt…You are practicing harm reduction,” said Evelyn Milan pointedly as we started our interview. Evelyn works for Vocal-NY which is, at its base, an Advocacy organization for those who have a history of AIDS. Vocal-NY was once New York City AIDS Housing Network. Their formation was at a time when addressing root causes like homelessness and poverty was going out of style and incrimination was

  • The War On Drug War

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    it was a for form symbol for many from rebellion toward the government, social upheaval and even political dissent until the 1971s when it became a bit harder to obtain the drug because of the many laws that came when nixon became president. HARMS The drug war has cost many problem problem in many countries especially in mexico where the heat of the problem has come to be from raging war between the govt of mexico and drug cartels, from many cities not being safe because of the constant violence

  • Illicit Drug Use And Safe Injection Sites

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    centuries and the use of these drugs is not a new phenomenon. The use of injection drugs causes individual’s serious harm and have placed large expenses on the health care system. “Heroin, cocaine and other drugs kill around 0.2 million people each year, shattering families and bringing misery to thousands of other people” (United Nations iii); Because of-these incidents harm reduction strategies have been put in place to create a safer and more educated population, but it has only been a start. ‘Safe

  • The Heroin Epidemic 's Impact On The Nation

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    Vicodin, Percocet, and OxyContin to patients because it often leads to heroin addiction. Furthermore, the country is beginning to focus its efforts on “harm reduction,” which is “a set of practical strategies and ideas aimed at reducing negative consequences associated with [heroin] use” (SouthComm Business Media LLC, 2015, para 12). One form of harm reduction is giving users clean needles at no cost. Offering help to addicts when they come for free needles will increase their chances of recovery, and clean