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  • I 'm Performing There Today

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    encircled her tent, fans waiting to see her, but mainly other harpists scaling out the competition. After all, Comm. only came yearly, and it was the biggest music competition. After Gwilan had finished assembling her harp, she walked outside of the tent and was directly escorted by attendants through the crowd to the harp warm-up section. “Gwilan!” voices shouted. “Can we try your harp?” Gwilan turned to see eager beginning harpists enviously glaring at her harp. However, their attention was momentarily

  • Summary Of Andre Caplet's 'Myrrha'

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    CAPLET Andre Caplet was a man of many talents. He was a great French conductor, composer, pianist, and editor for many musician’s works including Claude Debussy. On his first attempt, in 1901, Caplet won the Prix de Rome for his piece “Myrrha.” This prestigious competition enabled the winner to stay in Rome for 3-5 years to study music; It often took many great composers several years to obtain. Caplet mainly made his career as a conductor though. He brought a very precise element to the French music

  • Unc Music Performance Essay Sample

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    contained its own special tone and affected the audience members in a sincere passionate way. As the harpists played you could hear the synchronized movements of their hands and if you looked close enough you could visibly observe the same motions. Without a single doubt hard work and dedication had been put forth to make this recital just as special as any other performance, if not more. The harpist seemed very honorable and this was much appreciated by the audience. The musicians visually displayed

  • Aristotle 's Views On Happiness

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    the example of the harpist, “the proper function of a harpist is to play the harp; the function of the harpist who has high standards is to play it well” (1098a 12-13). Aristotle explains the goal or end for the good harpist is attaining excellence in playing the harp through constant repetition and practice. Individuals who have the ability to reason can follow this example of the harpist and strive for excellence in activities that demonstrate virtue. Similar to the harpist who uses constant reinforcement

  • Kant And Kant 's Decision Procedures

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    This example deems that killing the one healthy person is morally permissible because it saves five other people, and thus maximizes happiness. However, this judgment severely conflicts with deeply held moral beliefs that it is wrong to kill a healthy person and consequently, this creates a problem for act utilitarians. With regard to Kantianism, Kant believes that moral duty is based on reason. Every rational being must consider the decision procedure for moral reasoning to determine if their action

  • Aristotle and Happiness of the Soul Essay

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    Perhaps now I need to introduce one of Aristotle’s suppositions: “living well and doing well are the same as being happy” (1.4.1095a19). But what does it mean to live well? A good example is that of the harpist. If the function of a harpist is to play the harp, then the function of a good harpist is to play the harp well (1.7.1098a9-12). It is this “superior achievement (of the function) that expresses virtue”(1.7.1098a10). When we apply this example to human beings it can be seen that the good

  • Themes Of The Loss Of A Harp

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    loss of a friend. In “Gwilan’s Harp” a young harpist named Gwilan has an irreplaceable flawless harp. Unfortunately the harp gets crushed, and Gwilan’s struggles with the loss of her most prized possession. In Isaac Singer’s “The Washwoman” the elderly washwoman tells the Jewish family which employed her, about the loss of her adult son, not by death, but by embarrassment of her profession. Lastly, in “The

  • Dialogue Essay: Sheila's Love

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    Sheila smiles like the Mona Lisa reminiscing to herself how she met Bev for the first time, eighteen years ago. They met at Meredith’s wedding. The harpist hooking up with the mother of the bride was breaking a bunch of rules in the girl code. But life wasn’t like the movies.A person usually couldn’t pinpoint the exact moment the greatest love of their life was about to fall into their lap. Sheila couldn’t stop thinking about Bev, the whole time she was strumming traditional Christmas Carols on her

  • Argument Essay: Aristotle's Pursuit Of Happiness

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    How to go about acquiring true happiness has been a debate for as long as man has existed. There are even conflicts over what happiness is, is it attainable, and should everyone have the right to pursue it. For Aristotle, happiness begins with another concept, the ultimate good. Every action inheritably aims “at some good; the good, therefore, has been well defined as that at which all things aim.” (1094a, 378). Aristotle goes on to explain that happiness must then be the ultimate good, since “both

  • Dialogue Essays: Bev And Sheila's Love

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    Bev and Sheila met 19 years ago . At Bev's daughter ,Meredith's wedding. It was Christmastime. Sheila was the harpist at the reception. She was smitten by the love bug, the instance she caught a glimpse of her.Bev was tall with olive skin and oversized brown eyes that blinked a lot. She was willowy for a woman late in middle age. The way Bev sashayed around the dining hall like a butterfly in that lacy light pink pantsuit was mesmerizing.It was improbable anything would come of her fantasy.She was