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  • The Land Of Land As A Long Term Investment

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    During the mid-1960s my father and his younger brother jointly inherited fifty oceanfront parcels from their father residing on the Gulf of Mexico in Fort Myers Beach, Florida, where they had lived as children. In addition to a deep fondness for the area, their father had been instrumental in several strategic developments later materializing as a boon for the local tourism, business, and economic improvement. His legacy proved remarkably insightful and painfully correct while illuminating the

  • Case Study : Business Law Case

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    you with this advice? Solution/Advice 1 Choosing a Corporation/Company Structure - the business structure of a company/ corporation is highly recommended, it has the flexibility to gain more capital, or credit capability and assets used as security. Based on the Corporation Act 2001 (Cth) AC 22, a corporation is another legal entity with their own legal rights, duties and responsibilities separate to the individual or owner of the company (Harris, Hargovan & Adams, 2013, pp 229). The risk and consequences

  • Arthur Lang Jewelers, Inc. V. Johnson

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    or jurisdiction, a corporation is considered a foreign

  • Joint Venture Essay

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    is to determine the legality of the business. Many types of businesses are not allowed to be run by foreign nationals in China. For example, an export trade company cannot be run by a citizen of another country in China (Harris, 2017). Next, you need to decide if your corporation is going to be a joint venture or what is called a wholly foreign owned enterprise (WFOE). A joint venture is a partnership with a Chinese citizen. While setting up a joint venture may make the process easier, Issie Lapowsky

  • Tiller Construction Corp. vs. Nadler

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    Michael Quijano Business Law 10/03/2010 Chapter 34 Case 34-1 Tiller Construction Corp. v Nadler Facts Tiller Construction Corporation entered into two contracts with Nadler, the CEO of Glenmar, where Tiller would do “the work” for Nadler at Westridge for $637,000 and the other for Tiller to do “the work” for Nadler at Cranberry for $688,800. Nadler agreed to be personally liable to Tiller for the payment of both contracts. When the job was done, Nadler refused to pay the remaining balance

  • A Case For The Purchase Of Anesthetic Gas From Sleeping Gas Co Ltd

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    is binding on the firm depends on law of agency. According to s5 where there is an actual (express or implied) authority, a partner could have the power to act as an agent on behalf of the other partners for the purpose of the partnership business (Harris et al 2011). Once a partner does any corporate transaction which relates to the kind

  • Which Stakeholders Can Currently Be Considered to Be Part of the “the Company” for the Purpose of the Director's Duty to Act in the Best Interests of the Corporation?

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    interests of the corporation? Company is a form of corporation and regulated by the Corporations Act. The legal significance of being as a company is it exists as a separate legal entity and dependent upon human beings to make decisions on their behalf. The person who makes or participates in making decisions that affect the whole or a substantial part of the company’s business can be defined as a director. The legal definition of director is stated under section 9 of the Corporations Act[1] which

  • Historical Development Of Incorporation Law

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    1.0 Introduction There are different business structures in Australia. Each business structure has unique set of obligations, legal requirements, convenience or advantages and inconvenience or disadvantages. Purpose of this essay is to understand the incorporated business framework and to explain in depth that why one or more business owner need to register the business as incorporation. Firstly, essay will have insight over the historical development of incorporation law in Australia since 1901

  • Amazon's Career Choice Program

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    Some corporations do not have a clear understanding on what the public really wants and what the society expects from a company (Mohr, Webb, & Harris, 2001). Microsoft knew exactly what the society wants to see regarding its social behavior. The organization is acting in a socially responsible way, by beginning a process in which the company goes completely carbon neutral across all of the company’s operations. Furthermore, each business unit will be responsible for its behavior. If the process fails

  • Assignment Questions On Business Structures

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    towards outside sources. Part two: Research into the Relevant Law In this part, the law that is relevant to deal with this issue has to be analyzed. After examining the answers given by the clients, it seems that the business structure of a corporation will be most suitable for the clients. The other option is to create a partnership for the business. However it is not possible for the clients to run their business as a sole trader because it will be started by 3 to 4 persons jointly. Under these