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  • Harrison Ford

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    When you think of one of the most successful and most awarded actors in Hollywood, you may not think of simple old fellow by the name of Harrison Ford who has won over 30 awards and has made millions from starring in famous movie series such as the Star Wars trilogy or the Indiana Jones trilogy. Harrison Ford has changed the way most people think of movies and film by showing off his spectacular acting skills and great skill in the film industry. He managed to accomplish all of this despite being

  • Neil Shusterman's Unwind

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    Harrison Ford is a great actor and he’s old enough to fit the bill for the Admiral. Harrison Ford is a grumpy little cinnamon roll in real life so I think he would do good depicting a fictional grumpy cinnamon roll. The Admiral’s third rule is that, “my way is the only way”(Shusterman 197), and Harrison Ford’s characters all have that sort of vibe and he plays that role quite well. The Admiral fought

  • Cultural Ideology In Blade Runner

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    cultural appropriation and a lack of minority identity and representation. On the surface, Blade Runner seamlessly fits into the category of timeless Sci-Fi classics with its star-studded cast of Harrison Ford, Sean Young, and Emmet Walsh. The film's basic premise follows the protagonist Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford), an ex-cop and self-described killer in retirement, who hunts down replicants – bioengineered beings with superior strength, little to no human agency, and

  • Argumentative Essay: Is Harrison Ford A Hero?

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    know that they helped someone. For example, Harrison Ford had rescued a hiker in distress in his helicopter. Ford aided these people not wanting a reward, but just he was trying to do what is right. According to an article, which explains Ford’s rescue mission, by ABC news, it claims,” ...when heat, altitude and dehydration left George sick and unable to take more than a couple steps. After another hiker called for help on a cell phone, Air Force Onestar Ford took to the air.” This quotation shows the

  • The Lost Ark : Film Review

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    Lost Ark is an iconic adventure film of the 1980s. Written by, a man whom at the time was extremely popular for making the cult classic film, Star Wars. That man was George Lucas. The Lost Ark was an immediate success for the obvious reasons of, a great original story line and the ridiculously amazing amount of action, but most unknowledgable movie-goers missed some film and technical techniques that make the Lost Ark a cinematic beauty. The Lost Ark was uniformly praised for their special effects

  • Community As A Community : The Influence Of My Community

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    I wouldn’t really say my community as a whole has an impact on me as a person but people in around me have had a huge impact on me for who I am today. The people who have the biggest impact on me is defiantly my family and friends, I have done so many things with them that made me the person who I am today. First you probably need to know a little bit about me, I love watching sports mostly just football and basketball, I like playing video and I love watching movies especially from the 80s, for

  • Commentary On Immigration And The Role Of Immigration In 'District 9'

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    The movie District 9 provides commentary on immigration and the perceived threat of the immigrant. With District 9’s clear parallels with real life District 6 it is not hard to imagine how the aliens in the movie play the role of any race other than white who were all removed from their homes. In the beginning of the movie, the South Africans and the South African government let them live on Earth with them, but excludes them to their own area, district 9. The South African government would do random

  • The Eidetic Techniques Of Ridley Scott

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    The famous British film director and producer Ridley Scott was born on the 30th of November 1937; notably only two years before the beginning of World War Two. Scott is well known for having a striking visual style. He crafts this style by creating realistic atmospheric lighting to make the audience feel as if they are a part of each scene, living with the characters, and commonly uses slow pacing to build tension in the lead up to action sequences. Another technique Scott uses to build tension and

  • Paranoia, By Dito Montiel And Starring Liam Hemsworth, Harrison Ford And Many More

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    Paranoia personality disorder can be a very difficult mental condition to live with. In fact, some people with this condition generally have a hard time trusting and have difficulties getting along with others. They don’t entrust in people and are actually surprised if someone shows loyalty. They are constantly suspicious of others around them and contemplate every action. This can lead to the destruction of every professional and personal relationship they have. In the end however, having this mental

  • Difference Between Harrison Bergeron And The Lottery

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    ‘’ Attitude toward Equality and Traditions’’ Henry ford, once wisely said,’’ History is more less bunk. It’s tradition. We don’t want tradition. We want to live in the present and the only history that is worth a tinker's dam is the history we made today’’. “The Lottery” and “Harrison Bergeron” are the best deprivation short stories. Harrison Bergeron” and “The Lottery” both reveal that it is human nature to blindly want a better situation without considering all the possible outcomes. Not just