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  • Similarities Between Arrow And The Flash

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    Has there ever been a point in your life that you wished you could be a superhero or superhuman? Most, if not all, people’s answer to that question would be a resounding “yes,” including mine. Over the years, more TV shows and movies have begun to incorporate what we would consider to be our “heroes” into them. These shows, or movies, consist of a hero, or heroes, that are typically aided by friends and a team that help them fight evil; two examples of this are Arrow and The Flash. Hero shows, or

  • Differences Of Superheroes : The Flash And The Green Arrow

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    Superheroes almost all have the same goal: to save their city. Although they all seem to have the same goal, they are not the same person. One superhero might have social anxiety, while another superhero is a social butterfly. No superhero has the same exact same superpower or personality. In the Detective Comics series, there are over ten thousand characters, including superhero’s. Two of my favorite superheroes are The Flash and The Green Arrow. Although the Flash and The Green Arrow seem to be

  • The Battle Of Little Bighorn: Most Contentious Fights In American History

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    The Battle of Little Bighorn is one of the most contentious fights in American history. It was an intense fight between the Plains Indians, and the white men who fought to take their land. General George Armstrong Custer led troops into a battle in which none of them came out alive. Underestimating his enemy, along a big ego led Custer straight to his death; he would be the most talked about soldier in history. The Battle of Little Bighorn was legendary in the fact of the roles of the Indians and

  • Advantages Of Flight Vs Invisibility

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    Flight vs Invisibility: One, a hero, the other a villain Humanity has observed the heavens, viewing the feathered birds above them, being contemptuous with their freedom of being winged creatures with the ability of flight. According to Orville Wright, “The dream to be able to fly like birds is as old as humanity itself” (Wright), something embedded in the minds of humanity. To possess flight, is to own the ability to resist the pull of a planet’s gravity and navigate through the sky, which many

  • The First Appearance Of Batman Essay

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    1938 saw the first appearance of Batman. More of a mystery comic than a superhero comic book, Batman was inherently different from the pure and clean Superman. He was a gritty and depressing character that has been able to remain in print even to this day. Rather than using superpowers, Batman uses detective abilities that allowed him to solve cases and find perpetrators. (“The History of Comic Books.” TheComicBooks.com.) But not even Batman, Superman, or even Captain Marvel could brace themselves