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  • Styncing Process : How To Sync Plantronics Bluetooth Headset

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    Plantronics Bluetooth headsets It is important for every user to know how to sync Plantronics Bluetooth headsets. If you are unaware of the syncing process, you would find it hard to use the key Bluetooth features of your device. One of the best things about a Plantronics Bluetooth headset is that it’s syncing process is quite simple. In other words, the user does not need to have advanced technical knowledge to execute the steps of the syncing process. Plantronics headset syncing process is much

  • Headset Play Analysis

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    On May 18th, 2016 I went to see the play Headsets, directed by Ronn Campbell. The overall play is in the perspective the lighting booth and as well the audience could see a little bit of the mishaps that happens backstage. The play starts off with the main character Hammet who is very upset of his headset not working and not able to hear his staff and he seems very fluster which I liked. Hammet played by Daniel Conley did very well with expressing his anger. It was to the point that you can see a

  • Video Headset With Directional Sound Technology Essay

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    A. Executive Summary: Lars Inman, CEO of RLK Media, needs to make a decision on how to develop the iVid. This video headset with directional sound technology has the potential to revolutionize the consumer electronics industry. Although recently RLK Media has been struggling against the competition and has seen their margins evaporate. With the company’s declining performance the board of directors has threatened to find a replacement CEO, making Lars’ decision all the more critical. He is being

  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Virginia Heffernan's 'Against Headset'

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    The headphones have become common in the everyday life of everyone in a long time, and it also brings lots of arguments. In an article in The New York Times Magazine published on January 7, 2011, titled "Against Headset" by Virginia Heffernan, Heffernan is an author of New York Times, an American journalist and also, a founder of the Screens blog, which eventually became the Medium blog, said that people should resist headphones. In addition, I chose this article to analyze because I liked the way

  • Wireless Communication Technology : Battery Span And Talk Time

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    about and use the headset in a comfortable manner. However, if you end up with a wireless headset that does not have a good battery life; you would be spending half of your day in recharging it. The users of Plantronics Voyager Edge definitely do not fall in this category and they do not have to go through the trouble of recharging their device after short time intervals. This amazing headset comes with a charging case that beefs up its battery life by 10 hours. By default, the headset has a battery

  • Essay On Aviation Professionals

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    intervals. Thus, the voice clarity provided the headset needs to be nothing less than exceptional. Aviation professionals need to wear the device for long spans of time whether they are pilots or working in any other sector of this industry. They require the device to be highly comfortable to wear so that they do not feel any kind of irritation during flights. This exceptional headset company has a complete list of

  • Essay On Inline Controls

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    it hard to get comfortable with the controls of the headset, he may miss an important call. At work, you get numerous calls and most of them are highly important. For instance, consider that you are working as a team lead and you need to have meeting sessions with your team members using a softphone application. If there is an incoming call and you are not familiar with the controls, you may miss the call. Usually this happens when the headset has a hard to use set of controls. However, users who

  • Top Of The Line Hearing Protection

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    3M Peltor WS 100 Communications Headset Review | Top of the Line Hearing Protection In this review I will be taking at a top of the line Bluetooth enabled set of ear protection from 3M called teh Peltor WS 100 Communications Headset. This particular set of headphones is great for sound protection, especially if you 're looking for high-quality sound and the ability to engage in person-to-person and phone conversations without having to remove your earmuffs. Quick Review INSERT CHART In-Depth

  • Virtual Treatment Centerss

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    consequence has to do more with how it will affect the reality of many people. The statement in the following article says, “There’s also the question of isolation, especially when VR involves shutting yourself off from the world around you by wearing a headset” (Dredge). Having no human to human contact in the real world could become a problem in the future thanks to VR technology. As all the socializing will be done over the virtual world, it will result in many people being shut out of reality. What makes

  • The Disadvantages Of Virtual Reality In Schools

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    Every day, we are discovering new ways to learn, and Virtual Reality is making a big impression on schools. Virtual Reality, also known as VR, come in headsets that make the environment look like a video game, creating a simulation that seeks past reality using advanced technology. It can VR can be a useful learning tool, however can come with risky, long-term disadvantages such as causing health issues, making one lose a sense of reality and have functionality issues. First of all, VR can