Hearing loss

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  • Hearing Loss At A Patient

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    Abstract Hearing aids are electronic devices that are used to enhance the hearing of a patient that has various types of hearing loss. Loss of hearing for a patient has a huge impact on the quality of life in which communication is a big part of every day. These needs are to be understood and addressed by the nursing professional and healthcare team to enhance safety in daily activities of a hearing impaired patient. The importance of the nursing professionals to be educated in the assessment, types

  • Hearing Loss Prevention : Healthgreatness

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    Hearing Loss Prevention: HealthGreatness’ Top Tips Frankly, comprehensible top tips to prevent hearing loss do exist. In relation, popularly known to man, there are three different types of hearing loss: conductive, sensorineural, and mixed. This kind of damage affects the ear canal, middle ear and its bones to the inner ear and auditory nerve. As imagined, repairing your hearing can cost you time and money Fortunately, there are valid methods to protects your ears from this type of damage. Top

  • Hearing Loss And Cognitive Deterioration

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    demonstrates an association between hearing loss and cognitive deterioration. The 2015 study Improvement of Cognitive Function After Cochlear Implantation in Elderly Patients begins with an assessment of cited research that reveals “whole brain atrophy” in elderly people with sensory impairments, specifically in auditory processing. The goal of study was to analyze the outcome of cognitive function and mental health in elderly subjects who have their hearing restored using cochlear implants. In

  • My Experience With Hearing Loss

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    For eight hours, I got to step into the shoes of over 48 million Americans who live with a hearing loss. I had the opportunity to experience what it means to have an invisible impairment in a world made for those who have good hearing. The bright orange earplug served as my ticket to one of the most humbling adventures I have ever undertaken. I would have never imagined that a 32dB unilateral hearing loss would cause so much frustration. With frustration, however, came understanding and empathy.

  • The Prevalence Of Hearing Loss

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    Hearing loss is prevalent, treatable and frequently undetected (Uhlmann, 1989). It is widely accepted that the prevalence of hearing impairment increases with age. This age related hearing loss is known as presbycusis. Acar, Yurekli, Babademez, Karabulut and Karasen (2011) described presbycusis as a social problem in which people deliberately restrict physical and social activities. There is a prediction for an increasing prevalence of hearing loss due to the greater aging population, the use of

  • Early Identification Of Hearing Loss

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    early identification of hearing loss in Denver, Colorado. Dr. Downs worked diligently to implement early screening and identification for infants younger than 18 months. She stressed the importance of early identification regarding appropriate speech and language developmental milestones. The topic of early identification became a well-known nationwide health issue (Marion Downs Center). During this time, Dr. Downs proposed that a committee completely committed to infant hearing screening be created

  • Cause And Effect Of Hearing Loss

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    Many people in the world are affected by hearing loss. About two million people in the United States are completely deaf, while eighteen to twenty-one people need hearing impairments (Mango 21). Symptoms of hearing loss may include difficulty understanding words or phrases. Needing to turn the volume up, avoiding social situations, and trouble hearing consonants are also signs of hearing loss (Mayo Clinic Staff). There are many types of hearing loss that can be gained. Congenital deafness is

  • Hearing Loss and Cochlear Implants

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    of the world population have disabling hearing loss (Deafness). Disabling hearing loss refers to hearing loss greater than 40 decibels for adults and a hearing loss of greater than 30 decibels for children (Deafness). 40 decibels is equivalent to the tune of a refrigerator humming. Although hearing loss can be mild, moderate, severe, or profound -- there are numerous ways of improving the damaged hearing (Deafness). The most common ways are through hearing aids and cochlear implants. Cochlear

  • The Separations Of Common Hearing Loss

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    This research paper focuses on the separations of common hearing loss issues within the hard of hearing community, elucidating three groups that are considered the major division that identify within the Hard of hearing community, appropriately. There are a few distinguishing common, yet complex challenges, and universal problems of living within their culture. Based on the qualities of psychosocial perspectives of hearing loss, there are distinctive views of socialism, activities and everyday life

  • Deaf : Understanding Hearing Loss

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    maneuver around in a hearing world. Although the United States provides some form of resources to deaf individuals this is does not alleviate the fact that America still has some growing to do; in terms of accepting and truly embracing the Deaf Culture especially within education. Understanding Hearing Loss