Heart Failure Essay

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  • The Heart Of Heart Failure

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    Heart failure is a chronic, progressive condition in which the heart muscle is unable to pump enough blood through to meet the body 's needs for blood and oxygen. Basically, the heart can 't keep up with its workload. American Heart Association Statistics (2016) reveals that heart failure accounts for 36% of cardiovascular disease deaths. Projections report a 46% increase in the prevalence of Heart Failure (HF) by 2030 by affecting over 8 million people above 18 years with the disease. Healthy People

  • Failure And Treatment Of Heart Failure

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    Abstract: Heart failure affects over 5 million people and carries a high rate of mortality. Ivabradine, a new agent has been added to the current medical options for managing heart failure. It is a selective inhibitor of sino-atrial node and slows its firing rate, prolonging diastolic depolarization without any negative inotropic effects. In 2006, BEAUTIFUL trial evaluated patients with stable coronary artery disease and heart failure and found a significant reduction of coronary events, coronary

  • Failure Of Congestive Heart Failure

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    As congestive heart failure continually increases among people worldwide it is a medical condition that is beginning to become more of a concern even for people at younger ages. It is typically a disease addressed by late age and elderly patients but many cases of earlier age have been shown. Because congestive heart failure has evolved when it comes to treatment, patients experience a remarkable difference on quality of life even over the last ten years. Although signs and symptoms remain the

  • The Failure Of Congestive Heart Failure

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    Congestive heart failure is a chronic condition that is responsible for the highest number of hospitalizations among adults. Readmission rates after hospitalization also remain high, with 50% of patients being readmitted within 6 months of discharge. (Desai & Stevenson, 2012). The Affordable Care Act penalizes hospitals with readmissions within 30 days after discharge, making readmissions a focus of hospitals nationwide. Several factors including discharge planning, patient education, diet restrictions

  • Heart Failures Of Heart Failure

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    Heart failure describes a medical condition when the heart is unable to pump sufficient blood to the body [85]. While heart failure does not mean the immediate stopping of the heart, it is a serious and fatal condition. A study has found that the 4-year mortality rate for chronic heart failure was 43% for patients with preserved systolic function, and 54% for patients with reduced systolic function [86]. Heart failure is prevalent, with about 2-3% of adults worldwide showing signs of heart failure

  • Heart Failure ( Hf )

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    Considered a major health problem in the United States, heart failure (HF) is a syndrome involving insufficient pumping and/or filling of the heart (Lewis, Heitkemper, Dirkson, & Bucher, 2014). As HF progresses, the heart cannot continue to meet the oxygen demands of the body’s tissues due to a decreased cardiac output. Acute HF and chronic HF have replaced the term congestive heart failure (CHF) since not all HF patients experience pulmonary congestion, but CHF is still commonly used in the clinical

  • The Failure Of Heart Failure

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    process is the heart, which by using the cardiovascular system supplies every other system throughout the body with the oxygen and nutrients by pumping them throughout the blood. When the demand is not met or the supply is too great it can be considered heart failure. Understandably heart failure is a worrisome term. To think one of your most vital organs is failing and unable to provide what is needed for basic survival is terrifying. However; there are many stages of heart failure that can range

  • Thesis Statement For Heart Failure

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    DISCUSSION Heart failure, also known as cardiac failure is a terminal stage of heart disease. The mortality rate in patient with heart failure has progressively increasing year by year (5). In Malaysia, the major cause of admission to hospital is mainly due to heart failure with prevalence of 6-10% of total hospital admission (6). Readmission of patient with decompensated heart failure within 30 days is about 25%. Thus, it is crucial to determine and treat the underlying causes and early prevention

  • Heart Failure

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    Nurse Driven Education for A Patient Diagnosed With Chronic Systolic Heart Failure Refusing Diagnostic and Interventional Procedures Heather Horsley Wilkes University School of Nursing Abstract Heart failure (HF) is a chronic progressive disease, arising from structural or functional disorders of the heart, in which incidence increases with age. This review attempts to describe the types and causes of HF while focusing on variable aspects of patient education that have a positive effect on

  • Heart Failure And The Elderly Population

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    Heart failure is more commonly diagnosed in the elderly population. There are ways to help manage heart failure like lifestyle modifications and use of pharmacology, and assessment for surgical intervention. Treatment of heart failure requires intensive medical, dietary, behavioral, and lifestyle modification to achieve improved quality of life, fewer hospitalizations, and decreased mortality (Singh, H., McGregor, Nigro, Higginson, and Larsen, 2014). Heart failure is a complex condition that