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  • Is There A Heartbeat?

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    cause greater turmoil on the living, as opposed to allowing nature to take its course, allowing loved ones to move on. Consider for a moment what it means for a person, or body, to be dead. Are they awake? No. Are they breathing? Nope. Is there a heartbeat? Can they speak? Or move? No, no, and no (Golia and Pawar). If you were to encounter someone in this state, you would rightfully assume the person is dead and not coming back. When a person is declared brain dead, all the above apply to them, save

  • In A Heartbeat

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    I’d Watch That in a Heartbeat! “In a Heartbeat” is the new four minute short film that, although it has no words, speaks to people all over the world. It’s about two closeted middle schoolers, Sherwin and Jonathan, who prove to viewers that the heart wants what it wants- literally. In the film, created by two college students in an 18 month period for their senior thesis, Sherwin’s heart beat so hard that it leapt out of his chest to go chase after the boy who’s got his eye, Jonathan. According

  • Short Story

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    "Try again, who trained you over at slenders?...your style and skills are horrible" You growled and lashed out at the boy who stood in front of you with a knife wielded in their hand. The person simply dodged and kicked in the back of your legs,making you fall back onto the muddy grass that you were training on. "well, didn't get much training, I went a bit crazy" You spoke slowly looking up at Liu. Ever since you tried to escape, Trender assigned for you to always be with Liu and he would be

  • 100 Heartbeats

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    24 III-13 December 5, 2012 100 Heartbeats The Race to Save Earth’s Most Endangered Species Introduction Title: 100 Heartbeats Author: Jeff Corwin Credentials: Jeff Corwin has been working for wildlife conservation from a very young age. He is a wildlife biologist, an Emmy Award-winning producer and host of several television series

  • In A Heartbeat Symbolism

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    As a viewer of the short film, “In a Heartbeat”, I experienced through a generation of a never-ending swirl of feelings that at times left my heart completely shattered, while at others, sent my heart soaring in contentment for characters I have bonded with over the duration of merely 4 minutes. I was able to understand and appreciate the thoughtfulness of these accumulated feelings that encloses the matter of universal love. Without the use of words means that anyone from any country would be able

  • In A Heartbeat Essay

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    As the audience, I really loved the film “In a Heartbeat.” It was a heartwarming animated short that played on our heartstrings. It is important to note that this short film was uploaded on YouTube and went viral on other platforms like Instagram and Facebook. The reach that just those three social media channels have are much higher than can be measured. On YouTube alone the video has been watched 31.8 million times. The flow, style, and pieces of the film seemed to be geared towards a younger

  • Solar Heartbeat

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    The first discovery that we will talk about in this essay, is the discovery of the "solar heartbeat". Scientists have discovered a pulse within the Sun that lies in the layers of gas that revolve underneath the surface of the Sun. Scientists discovered that the Sun's equatorial region rotates at rate that differs from the rate at which the Sun's polar regions rotate. The equatorial region rotating once every twenty-seven days, and the polar regions, every thirty-five days. This differential in rotations

  • In A Heartbeat Alternate Ending

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    In a Heartbeat I was standing there all alone and afraid. In sudden confusion, I watched them take her away from me. Something was wrong, something had to be wrong. Why else would she be ripped from my arms-- taken the very instant I laid eyes on her? “It’s time to go,” he says. “Your daughter, she—she has a problem. She needs to be taken to Primary Children’s as soon as possible,” he stressed. Feelings of fear and shock covered my face. This was a dream, I thought to myself. Why would nine months

  • In A Heartbeat Chapter Summary

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    In a Heartbeat Book Report In the book In a Heartbeat, Amelia and Eagan are the protagonist of the book. Amelia is a young girl who has a very serious heart sickness. On the other hand, Eagan is slightly older and has everything she could dream of, skating, popularity, a boyfriend, money, and most of all a caring family. Amelia is a very sweet girl, who wishes to have a normal life. Amelia has a heart disease and can not do anything a ‘normal’ person can do such as play sports, walk, eat, and ect

  • Social Time: The Heartbeat of Culture

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    "Social Time: The Heartbeat of Culture", is an article for Robert Levine and Ellen Wolff, it extend readers with the authors’ viewpoints and research about ‘time-sense’ in different cultures. Robbert and Wolff emphasize that there is difference of ‘time-sense’ in two levels, which are inter cultural and cross cultural. When we move into a new culture, understanding the differences of ‘time sense’ might help us to set ourselves to new people and also new places. The author also describe how ‘time