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  • Alienation Effect In The Resistible Rise Of Arturo Ui

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    This phenomenon was replicated at the University of Michigan’s SMTD performance of The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui, written by Bertolt Brecht. This play told the story of the rise of gangster Arturo Ui and the corruption of the cauliflower business in order to satirize the rise of Hitler. Despite this being a play, rather than a musical, the use of Copland’s “planes of listening” still apply. Theater-goers can still view the work with different approaches- either purely surface level, meaning-driven

  • Franz Beckenbauer Essay

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    One of Germany’s best football players during the 20th century was Franz Beckenbauer. Franz is in the international football hall of fame, making 103 international caps along with 14 international goals as a defender and a midfielder. He received the European Footballer of the year in 1972 and 1976, which is a huge individual award to receive. The international team awards he accomplished include winning the World Cup in 1974 and the European Championship in 1972. Franz was the captain of West Germany

  • The United State 's Supreme Court

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    supporting the right’s of employers. In 1903, the Supreme Court concluded through Lochner v. New York that the government did not have the right to oversee businesses, but in 1908 the Supreme Court passed an unprecedented decision regarding labor laws. In Muller v. Oregon, the Supreme Court alternatively sided with the workers and upheld restriction on working hours in a gendered argument based on the fact that the workers were women. On the surface, the decision was just, as it protected workers’ right

  • The Supreme Court Had To Ultimately Determine Whether Or

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    The Supreme Court had to ultimately determine whether or not the Bakeshop Act of 1895 violated the Fourteenth Amendment’s due process clause. After two days of oral arguments, the Supreme Court voted 5 to 4, in favor of Lochner. Hall and Patrick (2006) notes that Justice John Marshall Harlan was initially attached to writing the opinion of the court. However, Justice Harlan was unable to maintain a majority and, as a result, Justice Rufus Peckham wrote the majority opinion (70). Following the shift

  • Muller vs. Oregon Essay

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    Muller vs. Oregon As the economic changes swept through America with the Industrial Revolution, so did society and the traditional roles of men and women. These changes hit the lower class women particularly hard because not only did they have to work long hours at a factory; they also had to maintain the household as traditions required of women. With all of these responsibilities that women now had, perhaps the strain hit women because rarely had they been required to do so much. Oregon

  • Van Gogh's Painting : Wheatfield With Crows

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    The structure of the artwork along with the formation of colors that van Gogh used are the basic analysis of a complex piece. To gain further insight on the meaning, the principles of two-dimensional artworks must be applied. Connecting with the color value of the wheatfield, the yellow tends to be used in order to counterbalance tremendous mass or activity which it does in van Gogh’s piece. Known as the balance of the painting, van Gogh uses the bright color to produce an equilibrium between the

  • Vinegar Tom: More Than Just a History Play

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    Vinegar Tom: More Than Just a History Play Oppression takes many forms in society; Capitalism over the working class, patriarchal communities over the women in them and in some cases even women over women. Caryl Churchill has explored such issues in her works mainly pertaining to the position of women in male-dominated societies. In fact, her works utilize various plot structures to harness support for the improvement of the position of women in society while some attempt to illustrate women’s