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  • The Differences Between The Renaissance Era And Baroque Era

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    To help one differentiate between the Renaissance Era and Baroque Era Heinrich Wolfflin created the Wolfflin Method. The Wolfflin Method compares the two eras in a masterful way that helps one simplify the differences between the Renaissance and Baroque Eras. The Renaissance Era is represented by linear, planar, closed, and multiplicity elements. All of these elements combined to create a crisp painting where lines and shapes are distinguished. The Baroque Era is represented by painterly, recessional

  • Comparing Baroque Styles Of Art And Deliverry Of The Cross

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    High Renaissance and Baroque Styles The Renaissance and Baroque are two difference styles of art, but they play an important role in the history of art. Based on the five concepts in Wolfflin’s “Principles of Art History” to compare and contrast two artworks: “Delivery of the Keys” (about 1481-1482) by Pietro Perugino, which is created with high Renaissance style, and “Raising of the Cross” (about 1610-1611) by Peter Paul Rubens is created with Baroque style. Although “Delivery of the keys” and

  • Who Is Responsible For The Holocaust?

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    planned and create the means to the Final Solution are the most responsible because their cruelty shows meticulous planning and a genius that few others could have achieved. For instance, according to the USHMM, “In the autumn of 1941, SS chief Heinrich Himmler assigned German General Odilo Globocnik (SS and police leader for the Lublin District) with the

  • A Reflection On The Lost Palace Of Sparta

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    Civilization, since Mycenaean culture appears to be connected with Homer 's Iliad 's Trojan War. Secondly, I took a course on Classical Archaeology as an undergraduate student in Classics. Therefore, I studied the nineteenth century archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann and his excavation of Agamemnon 's palace and his gold mask at Mycenae inspired me very much. For me, the most striking aspect of my news story was the Linear B tablets found on the site. Ghose (2015) stated that the inscriptions represented

  • The Tragedy Of World War II Essay

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    World War II is one of the most well known wars in history. It is known for many things such as the dropping of the atomic bomb in Japan by the U.S forces, the storming of the beaches in Normandy on D-Day, the bombing of the U.S Naval Base at Pearl Harbor, and the rise of Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany. However, of the most notable and of tragic events of World War II would be that of the Holocaust. The Holocaust, which comes from a Greek word for a religious sacrifice, is famous for the horrible

  • People 's Views On Witches

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    more complex than that because magic can be used for good or evil in witchcraft. Witchcraft does not directly correspond to religion; however, religions may have certain beliefs about witchcraft. In their pre-modern treatise Malleus Maleficarum, Heinrich Kramer and James Sprenger state that witchcraft is futile without the Devil, a witch, and the permission of God (Kramer and Sprenger 12). In the modern text “RELIGIOUS: Witches, not what you’d expect,” Meagan Bolds argues that a person can practice

  • The Pros And Cons Of The Gestapo

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    there are seven organizations, the fourth one was the Gestapo. A Secret Police Office or Secret State Police Force, who were a group of people who were freed to do whatever, and put random people into “protective custody.” The Gestapo was led by Heinrich Himmler, who was the commander of Home Forces, but someone else had already found the Gestapo first, Hermann Göring. With the two of him and the Gestapo, they did many bad things and bad stuff to people who were Germans and even Jews and they also

  • The City Of Troy And The Trojan War

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    The Trojan War is a war that took place around c. 1200 BCE and is one of the many events that contributed to the fall of the Bronze Age. It was a revolutionary war for its time, yet its existence is questioned by many. Throughout this text I will answer the question: "In your opinion, is the existence of the city of Troy and the Trojan War real or "just a good story" (an artistic creation)?" I believe in the existence or the city of Troy as well as the Trojan War because of all the written and archaeological

  • Historical Censorship : Nazi Book Burnings

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    news, etc. that are considered obscene, politically unacceptable, or a threat to security.” Book Burnings are a method of censorship that the government uses to diminish a group of people’s interpretations, very often in a time of annihilation. Heinrich Heine once said, "Wherever they burn books, in the end will also burn human beings." Book Burning, the public act of turning books to ash, ultimately resorts to the act of turning humans to ash. Books represent the rights of freedom of speech and

  • Dachau Concentration Camp Essay

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    In the early 1930s, the residents of the picturesque city of Dachau, Germany, were completely unaware of the horrific events about to unfold that would overshadow their city still today. The citizens of Dachau were oblivious that their city was going to become the origin of concentration camps and of the Holocaust, the mass murder committed by the Nazi s in World War II. Dachau Concentration Camp, which would soon be placed on the edge of their community, would serve as a model for all Nazi extermination