Hellas Planitia

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  • The Mars Of The Martian

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    The Hellas Planitia colony chose to bring livestock embryos and seeds. The livestock embryos could be fertilized and the animal would be born. This would be effective because the livestock embryos would weigh less, than the animal itself. Something else that made

  • The Controversy On The Possibility Of Life On Mars

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    For countless decades, speculations have been made on the possibility of life on Mars. There have been questions of pictures taken from Mars and skepticism about why some of the recent landings have failed. Scientists, until now, have been doubtful about life on Mars. The reason being is because of the similarities it has to our planet; from the volcanoes, and canyons to the weather, different seasons, and even the amount of time in a day. But throughout all of these speculations, what does research

  • Group 11: A Transporter For Mars

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    Step 1: Need or Problem Group 11 must create a Mars transporter that is the best appearing and achieves the best performance. Using existing Mars technologies, as well as technology used here on Earth, a rover must be created which can traverse a varied track in the shortest time possible without dropping a payload, in addition to drilling into the ground, push Mars materials, and pick up Mars rocks. Step 2: Research Paper A Transporter for Mars Transportation of materials and rovers for construction