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  • Motorcycle Helmet Laws

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    Motorcycle Helmet Laws 1 Running Head: Motorcycle Helmet Laws Impact of Mandatory Motorcycle Helmet Use Laws CariAnne Kestrel July 15, 2012 Utica College SOC 376-Z1 Criminological Research Methods Professor Gregory Fulkerson Summer 2012 Motorcycle Helmet Laws 2 Over the past 30 years, many states have enacted mandatory helmet laws for motorcycle drivers. There have been many states that have rescinded these laws for reasons that may not be known by those most interested

  • helmet law Essay examples

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    The Motorcycle Helmets, Educate not Legislate Choice or Law? Freedom of choice" is not about the thrill of feeling the wind in our hair any more than a young man's choice to serve in the armed forces of this country during a time of war is about the thrill of being shot at. The issue is about returning personal responsibility to trained and experienced adult motorcyclists. It is about rejecting the proposition that the government should be allowed to impose upon the personal decisions of free

  • helmet law Essay

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    whether or not to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle has been hot topic since the helmet law went into effect in California in 1992. It seems obvious that wearing a helmet would help protect you in a motorcycle accident. Many legislatures agree. In fact, nineteen states have a mandatory helmet law for all motorcycle riders. Twenty-seven states have a law for those under a set age, three of which require additional insurance for those of age who choose not to wear a helmet. That leaves only four

  • Persuasive Essay On Helmet Laws

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    The compulsory wearing of helmets does reduce the number of fatalities associated with motor cycling and pedal cycling accidents. Data from a variety of studies overwhelmingly supports this fact. When discussing motorcycle helmets, there is a 40% prevention of fatal and 13% prevention of nonfatal serious injuries associated with their use, according to Adam, et al. (1453). After Florida repealed its mandatory helmet law in favor of one that allowed helmets for those over 21 with $10,000 in insurance

  • The Safety Laws Of Motorcycle Helmets

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    We have laws here in the United States requiring seat belts, air bags, child car seats, smoke detectors, lights on bicycles operated at night, and a whole range of other safety devices. So, it makes sense that there would be a safety law in place to protect the motorcycle riders as well. When a motorcycle is a vehicle operated on a public roadway, its rider and passenger is subject to the same rights and obligations as other vehicle operators traveling on the same roads. If it is reasonable to require

  • Helmet Laws Throughout The United States Essay

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    Helmet Laws Helmet laws throughout the United States are very wide spread. Some sates either have minimal laws on helmets, some are on hundred percent pro helmet and others have no restrictions at all when it comes to wearing a helmet on your motorcycle. Ever notice on how we are made. We have two or more body parts that are important but if one is taken from us we can still live. Now the things we have just one of for the most part, if we lost them we would basically be dead. We have a brain, you

  • Motorcycle Helmet Law Debate

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    Universal Motorcycle Helmet Laws Right or Wrong? Across the United States, every year millions of license drivers choose to ride motorcycles rather than drive automobiles for a variety of reasons; Reasons range from individual pleasure to a much more cost effective way to travel. The universal motorcycle helmet law debate over the past forty years has revolved around whether the federal government should adopt a universal helmet law that mandates all motorcyclists to wear helmets at all times when

  • Persuasive Essay On Helmet Laws

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    Mandatory seat belt laws and motorcycle helmet laws have been a controversial topic and there has been much argument between the two sides. I will be presenting both sides of the argument and I will be giving my opinion on this topic. Many motorcyclists despite knowing the benefits of wearing a helmet, are still against the forced helmet laws. A very common argument that is used against these laws for motorcyclists, is that it would be a violation of their civil liberties. Jeff Hennie of the Motorcycle

  • The Necessity of Bicycle Helmet Laws Essay

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    The Necessity of Bicycle Helmet Laws     Bicycle accidents have increased dramatically in the United States. About 500 American children and teenagers die each year in bicycle accidents, and three-quarters of those deaths come from head injuries (Jacques 1). Recent federal safety reports suggest that helmets can reduce the risk of head injury, but that only 4% of children under the age of ten wear helmets when bicycling. The percentage drops even more for young riders, particularly the rebellious

  • Helmet Laws In The United States Essay

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    Helmet laws throughout the U.S. have always created a great deal of controversy. Currently there are two types of helmet laws in the United States; a universal helmet law, which requires all motorcyclists to wear a helmet and partial helmet law that has age requirements. The helmet debate has been a long battle between free-rights organizations and government officials. In 1967, the Highway Safety act created a federal highway safety grant program. Prior to this act, no state in the U.S. had